Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Blue Man = Sox Fan

Wow i did not want that to rhyme... whatever. So if you couldn't tell from the post below, Blue Man happens to be from that sorry group of people known to the world as Red Sox Fans. I feel that this will provide an interesting opportunity for argument and mocking posts between him and myself, a Yankees fan. As for now, yeah i guess a-rod fucked up but that was while he was on the Rangers so whatever. Also, i would like to know who the 103 other player were who were named on that list because i have a strong feeling that at least one of the Sox would be on there. As for now, don't be mad that we stole Texiera from under your noses Blue Man and have fun with Varitek.
See you in the summer... Oh and just for the record, while i support A-rod, i don't really like the guy and i agree that he does have a blowout and orange skin but thats just cause he a mexican, not a guido.

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