Saturday, February 28, 2009

Degenerate's Guide to Enjoying The Georgetown Game

Alright, Nova Nation--The Voice here giving you an honest look at some of the compelling story lines in the game today. First of all, there are some serious lines that Vegas may have neglected (side note: Villanova is favored by 6 points) and for a Villanova blog that prides itself on covering Villanova sports and dick jokes, it is time to build that reputation already. So to kill two birds with one stone, here is your gambler's guide to the game:

2:1 Blue Man being on the Jumbotron or TV
5:2 Dante is the leading scorer
7:1 Shane Clark Scores at least 12
9:2 Georgetown Win
150:1 Dante wins the Oscar Roberston award
OFF Ridiculously inane foul call on Corey Stokes to decide game

4 - References to 1985 Championship Game by announcers
7 - Times Fact will say "Who wants to sex Mutumbo" during the game to himself
0 - Actual in game references to Mutumbo
5 - Times Fact will promise to write an article comparing the '06 Cats to this year's team after reading this article.
0 - Articles Fact (or anyone else on this blog) will actually write concerning that aforementioned premise
75 - Number of Villanova students who stayed on campus a day into their break vowing to their parents they would go to the game but in drinking too much for celebration of the end of midterms will sleep through the start.
200 - Number of Georgetown students who bought tickets to this game earlier in the year to come and see Georgetown beat us in our house.
75 - Number of Georgetown students who will actually come now that their team is destined for the NIT.
2 - People who actually follow my twitter updates for the game tomorrow
4 - Comments on this article.
3 - Comment on this article by Fact (under that name or one of the many pseudonyms he has assumed in the comments section of other Villanova blogs to promote this one).

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  1. it would appear i took the over on the comments...

    also, is it bad that we can't host a guess the closest score contest because we have nobody to guess?