Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Ok so we play DePaul tonight in Chi-town. I'm just going to say this, DePaul sucks... like really sucks. They are 0 and however many Big East games they have played which means they have lost to Rutgers and Seton Hall who aren't that great themselves. Basically, if we lose this game, I will actually kill myself by jumping out of my window... which may not be a bad idea considering I have 2 problem sets and a 5 page English paper due tomorrow and i have done no work on any of those assignments.

In other news, Chelsea won the first leg of their round of 16 Champions League tie against Juventus at Stamford Bridge. This makes me very happy because it gives them an advantage going into the second leg and because I fucking hate Juve.

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  1. Chelsea! Chelsea! Chelsea!

    Glad we won. Bummer you still have to do your work...