Saturday, February 28, 2009

New Feature on FOVS: Mock Drafts

In the spirit of sports blog favorite Kissing Suzy Kolber the contributors here will be hosting a series of inane Villanova/College Sports related mock drafts.
Examples include:
Which Dining Services staff member would you sleep with first?
What Big East thug would you take on your team?
What sorority's bitches would you most like to put in your harem?

If you come up with any ideas, i'd be glad to take some suggestions


  1. "Which Dining Services staff member would you sleep with first?"

    -obviously the pit's omelette lady

  2. The angry woman from Auggies Deli only to leave her shortly after and never speak to her again, pushing her further into the depression she shows us every day

  3. i don't wanna give away too much from my draft board, but how do you say no to the cashier at the corner grille? also, to the first poster--you're stupid. take that for a comeback. but seriously, everyone should just create an ID instead of this anonymous thing.

    ps- for those of you playing at home, i think the sorority harem question is going to be first. should be up before the end of spring break.

  4. Um...for the lunchlady question... is Tonya still around in the Corner Grille?

    I never had to wait for my fingers and fries, hawt (or the occasional Brother Sandwich).

  5. I have always been very partial to TriDelt.