Monday, February 23, 2009


Monday brings with it some new polls which see Villanova moving up again after some slippage last week.
Here are Nova's rankings:
ESPN/USA TODAY: 12 - up from 14 last week
AP: 10 - up from 12 last week
These rankings seem fine to me as we struggled with an awful Rutgers team and then squeaked one out against a top 25 Syracuse team at the Carrier State Corrections Facility Dome.

I do have some problems with Memphis being ranked 4th in the ESPN poll and 5th in the AP. People talk about how they're so hot right now and they're on an awesome winning streak. That's because they play in the abortion of a conference known as C-USA. People forget the fact that they lost to both Cuse and Georgetown and their best win is against Gonzaga (another vastly overrated team). It looks like Memphis will again get another undeserved high seed and then use that easier road to make a deep run in the tournament. Put Memphis at a 5 or 6 seed and then I'd love to see how they do in the Tourney.

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