Tuesday, February 17, 2009


So I just watched about two minutes of the A-Rod press conference before I had to go to Second Storey for a fat sandwich and some Mountain Blast POWERade. A-Rod was coming up with some real bullshit. For the two minutes I watched that guido with his orange ass skin and his blowout, not only did he claim that he didn't know what he was taking when he took it but he claimed that he doesn't even think he was doing it right, so it probably had no effect on him, and that is the reason he claimed he never did steroids. Are you kidding me? Why were you taking it if you didn't know what it was and if you didn't think you were doing it right. Also if you tested positive, you were clearly doing it right and it clearly worked. Good job A-Rod instead of apologizing you basically just tried to bullshit your way out of it and pretty much insulted anyone listening to you by thinking that they would fall for that weak ass excuse.

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