Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Well Hello There

You people really didn't think I would left Fact have a blog all by his lonesome did you? I come here to basically destroy any sort of credibility this blog would ever garner. While Fact is focused on Nova sports alone, I will be talking on issues around the sports world that usually don't have much to do with our fine institution of higher learning. I will also talk about our hoops team and occasional our lacrosse team (yes we have a lacrosse team).

So let's get into it.

First of all I want to address something that deeply disturbed me during last night's game. The Spider-Man kid. It is my belief that ESPN was trying to mock our fine student body by putting this epic assclown on TV and allowing him to speak on behalf of the "Nova Nation." I will not be putting a picture of this child up because looking at such a picture may cause me to destroy my computer. Not only was his face paint absurd and his comments ridiculous, but to top it all of he was wearing a headband. Who the fuck does that?!?! I hope to God that child is banned from all future games.

On to some good news. Chelsea FC (a soccer team in London) confirmed today that former PSV and team Australia manager and current team Russia manager Gus Hiddik will be taking the reigns at CFC for the remainder of the season. He replaces the retarded Portugeese coach Luiz Philip Scolari who was shitcanned earlier this week. This is a good thing because Scolari sucked ass and couldn't coach shit.

That's all for now

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