Friday, March 13, 2009


Yesterday this man, who goes by a variety of names, saved Nova Nation from an embarrassing defeat at the hands of a Marquette team who was down 16 at the half and was missing their starting point guard. While I am very very happy that we did, eventually, pull out the win, the fact that it was even that close in the end disturbs me. This is another example of a time when our team had a solid lead and failed to close out our opponent like in the first Provy game and the second Cuse game. I hope yesterday was a wake-up call and we can play a focused 40 minutes tonight and down Louisville in and attempt to win only our 2nd Big East Tourney Championship ever after our only other win in 1995.


  1. It's called Big East basketball where not only is it hard to play at that level for 40 minutes.....the other teams are pretty darn good! A win is a win is a win. I will take it. Louisville will be a huge challenge -- it will take an effort just like when we beat Pitt, Marquette to get this done tonight. As for winning the BE title, we'd all like that. BUT think about the fact that in 1985 we were bounced out in the semis and won the NCAA Championship! Not unlike what could be possible this year (if we lose tonight), our loss that year was to an eventual Final 4 participant (St. Johns). In 1995 when we won the championship, we were bounced early in the NCAA. Given the choice, I'll take going deep in the NCAAs! Keep the faith!

  2. Oh I have a lot of Faith, I'm like the COSTCO of faith i have fucking pallets of the shit, I honestly believe this team, when on, could beat any team in the country and that Dante would make Hansbrough his bitch. I just worry a bit