Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Basking In The Benefits Part I.

So, as I mentioned in my diatribe on the Henderson family post earlier in the tournament--I was upset with how I couldn't walk into a random sporting goods store wherever I please and find some Villanova gear. Well I am going to try and track to see if there are any changes to that when I go home later this month for a Mets game. As for now, the first change isn't the final four clothes you can buy anywhere, because I'm concerned with lasting value. So as I waited for Tom Mogan to send me the email for student tickets to Detroit three minutes after everybody else got it--effectively ending any hope of getting tickets I went on fathead.com to see if there was a Villanova fathead yet. Nope. Nothing. So I snickered when fathead.com sent me an email saying pick up fatheads for your favorite team in the final four. I opened the email clicked on the Villanova link and was taken to a page that actually exists! Coming Soon! The tide is turning my friends. The tide is turning.

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  1. My Review of Villanova Wildcats Logo

    Villanova Wildcats Logo Real.Big. Fathead Wall Graphic. 3'6"W x 3'2"H

    Thank You 4 Acknowledging Villanova!

    TheVoice Long Island, NY 3/31/2009

    Pros: Quality Construction, Quality Image

    Best Uses: Office Accessory, Respect, Gift Giving, Showing Fan Pride, Home Decorating

    Describe Yourself: Super Fan, Student, Gift Giver, Casual Fan

    I just want to thank Fathead for finally making some Villanova stuff available and am looking forward to purchasing this when it is available for sale. Villanova deserves the credit for working hard to be a perennial powerhouse without a football program but often we get swept under the rug. This is a good sign for Nova fans and I appreciate it Fathead.