Sunday, March 22, 2009

Nova get Duke in the Sweet 16

So Duke had to sweat out their win over Texas last night as the game was very much in doubt until the last seconds. Now we will face the Dookies in Boston in the sweet 16 on Thursday. We will probably post a more in depth game preview later in the wee but i honestly like this match-up. Dook is not a particularly athletic team outside of Henderson while i think that we have a very athletic team. If we can keep Henderson from exploding and watch Singler and Scheyer on the perimeter we will have a great shot at this. I think our press will also be a key factor in a win as i am not convinced about the ballhandling abilities of the Dook PGs. On offense we must make sure to not get into a shooting contest with them and if we can use our speed to drive on their guards and then make smart passes we should be fine.
  • Also a nice article here about our game yesterday and our intesity


  1. write dook again. it makes you look real smart.

  2. Do you get it.. or are you a troll?