Monday, March 2, 2009

Soapbox #3: Notre Dame Preview.. Sort of

Notre Dame may be my least favorite school in America.. I hate every single one of their sports from Football to Lacrosse. Why should they be allowed to have an exclusive contract with a major television network to broadcast their football games? They end up receiving much more money than other schools because they don't have to engage in revenue sharing due to their exclusive agreement with NBC. Doesn't that represent a significant advantage over other schools? The Fact that Notre Dame can get away with this is ridiculous. The even worse thing about their arrangement is their membership to the BCS. Why should Notre Dame belong to the BCS when Utah and Boise St., two teams who have won BCS bowl games don't and have to basically go undefeated to get in? Okay, enough with my rant about the favoritism shown toward their football team. Let's get down to basketball. While I hate everything else about Notre Dame (excluding Justin Tuck), I have a tremendous respect for Luke Harangody. I just wish Gody would play games with a paper bag over his head. Man, there are very few players who have been beaten with an ugly stick like him. His eyes look like they're merging together and he's evolving into a cyclops. McAlarney is another player who pisses me off. The only players i can think of who have been busted for pot at Villanova were quietly launched. McAlarney was arrested, found with pot and was able to return.. Bullshit, almost as bad as Syracuse god knows how many other times they've swept it under the rug: see Will Yeatman. Anyways, my prediction Villanova 72 Notre Dame 64


  1. Yeatman actually got booted, he now plays lax at Maryland

  2. Hey I hate ND as much as you, but one of the only things I respect about their program is that KMac still plays there. So it's okay to be a drunk women beater like Devendork, but if you sit around with your bro's smokin' a j and arguing about what's better Lemonheads or Starburst you should be kicked out of school? That's BS. Just because alcohol is legal and dope isn't doesn't make one right and the other wrong. Alcohol ruins a lot of people's lives and dope just gives 'em the munchies. You ever heard of someone that got in a fight because they had too much to smoke? Crash their car? Beat their wife and kids?

    Spread the love and pass the kind!

    Let's go Cats, beat ND!

  3. I have no problem with the fact that Kyle McAlarney smokes bud... the thing i have a problem with is the fact that he got caught during the season. Had he been caught outside of the school year, i could care less, but it's unfair for your teammates to be blazing during the season because it isn't the greatest motivator

  4. I actually applaud the cajones Notre Dame, the ND basketball team, and the ND athletic department showed with the punishment they sent down to KMac. Maybe, I'm partial because he's a NY guy, but then again I've never been accused of partiality to those from Staten Island. I applaud what ND did there because let's admit, it is something prevalent on college campuses and I am certain on some collegiate basketball teams. In season or out, everybody is allowed to experiment, he's a kid but he learned that everybody has to face consequences for their actions. don't mind ND for that. Otherwise I agree with most of what Fact said. Proud of the win. Watching the orgasmic claire bennett on heroes and then will throw around the idea of writing a recap.