Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Soapbox #4: A Toast to Jay Wright

Here at FOVS our Soapbox posts are generally negative in nature but I thought that I'd take a break from that in order to salute our fine basketball Coach. As you probably already know, Coach Wright was named Coach of he Year by the Big East for the second time in four years. While he has his detractors, no one can argue that he's led the 'Cats into a period of unprecedented success in an era where the Big East has grown into a juggernaut that seems to get better each year. If you add to the equation that he's doing it without the aid of extra revenue brought in by a BCS football program like the three teams that finished ahead of the 'Cats are able to take advantage of. Jay Wright is a bonafide superstar and the success that his teams have had are a big reason that Villanova is becoming such an academic juggernaut something that I like to refer to as the "Foye Effect" similar to the Flutie Effect that Boston College witnessed after the Hail Mary Doug Flutie threw against Miami in 1984. Whatever Coach Wright is being paid right now, even in this tough economy it is not enough because the way that he represents Villanova on and off the basketball court is as close to perfect as possible. Congratulations to Coach Wright for being the best coach in the Big East, something I never doubted for the least.


  1. Great tribute Fact to a fine coach and a good guy. Bravo Jay!