Monday, March 2, 2009

SoapBox: Memphis

How in the name of God is Memphis ranked #3 in the country? Please someone enlighten me. They have beat one ranked team, Gonzaga, and have lost to Syracuse, a team we beat twice, Xavier and Gerogetown who just sucks (yes I know they beat us but that doesn't mean they don't suck.. besides we only lost by 2 Memphis lost by 9). They play in one of the worst conferences in the entire country and yet, based on the fact that they can beat up on their inferior C-USA opponents, they somehow get to fly up the rankings. I mean last year yes, they did beat some quality non-conference opponents and had a better argument for their rank. But this year.. NO. They're not even blowing out their C-USA opponents that badly, they have actually been somewhat challenged in their crap schedule. Everyone also gets all over Calipari's dick because of his amazing coaching decision to move Tyreke Evans to PG and how they have yet to lose since that move. The reason they haven't lost since then isn't because of Cal's genius, its because that move coincided with the beginning of their C-USA schedule so all that bullshit has to stop. Memphis is just a dirty fucking program. Everyone knows all about their shady recruiting practices and yet nobody seems to care about it. Memphis fans love to talk about how the rest of college basketball is scared to play them and that is why they have to play a weak non-conf schedule. How would one of those fans explain the fact that this year, they played 4 "quality" non-conf opponents and lost to three of them, including to mid-table Big East teams. basically, Memphis is bullshit in every way and yet they are rewarded for it, it seems they are again destined for a high tourney seed and an easier chance for a deep run while more deserving teams who play in real conferences and beat quality opponents have to play tougher teams in the tourney. Fuck Memphis


  1. Jay's Personal ChefMarch 3, 2009 at 12:45 AM

    Hahahahah. My roommate and I have this same fucking argument all the time. The #3 makes absolutely zero sense.

    The best part of your rant was noting that their best win was against Gonzaga, which is the other team I feel gets away with murder in their rankings.

    To finish...FUCK MEMPHIS.

  2. Memphis is good... stop hating on them. They have major talent and will be a force in the tourn.

  3. As usual Pete, you have no clue about basketball. Why do you think Memphis is undefeated since 1907 in their conference? Because their conference stinks! In the Big East they would be lucky to get 10 wins. Plus Reggie would shut down their point guard. Get some sleep...or go back to your board and write some negatives about our 24 win team and coach with 96 wins the last 4 years (24 per year Pete with a few more to go).

  4. There is no question that Memphis is good and they're probably a top 10 team in terms of talent.. but I don't think they're the third best team in the country. I think it's very hard to make an argument that they're better than Pitt, Wake, Clemson, Michigan State, Louisville etc. The fact of the matter is that polls shouldn't come out until at least 5 or 6 weeks into the season. That way a team thats 2-3 won't be ranked in the top 25 just because they were preseason top 10.

  5. its ridiculous how people consider calipari's move of evans to PG as this incredible coaching decision.
    the move coincided with the beginning of conference play (in conference USA mind you)
    when you have to worry about Tulsa as your biggest threat, there isn't much worrying to be done...
    i give them credit for the streak, as credit is due, but their success is inflated.
    just look what happened when they played their out of conference schedule. #3 in the country?!

    just brilliant.