Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Taylor King, Villanova's Secret Weapon?

Does that look Like the face of an informant to you?

We all know that Taylor King transferred from Duke this past offseason. Before yesterday I didn't even think about it. Per NCAA rules, he's not allowed to be in the team's travelling party, but he's gonna pay his own way. But what if we can use him to our advantage? Think about this, Taylor King spent an entire year living with these guys, playing with these guys and most definitely learned some of their habits, likes, dislikes etc. For example, what if it pisses Greg Paulus off when people talk about how he went from having a promising football career to being buried on the bench his senior year in college after his decision to play basketball, or what if it pisses Gerald Henderson off if you talk about his Villanova graduate sister. These are all things that we can speculate about and I'm not saying that he'll give secrets like this away, but if he does, it could give us a valuable mental edge in the game. Dennis Rodman was the master of psychological warfare and if a Duke player throws a punch, we know that we have them rattled. I think Villanova can win this game on sheer strategy and execution, but it wouldn't hurt to have some other things to sweeten the pot.

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