Monday, March 30, 2009

Tyler Hansbrough is a Bastard

Here at Fact on Villanova Sports, we're not afraid to take shots at players or coaches who we think are nothing but pieces of shit. Tyler Hansbrough is one of those people. Behind all the glory and hype, we find nothing but a little bitch who gets inside referees heads and gets all of the "superstar calls". I know Gerald Henderson broke your nose "Psycho T" but i hope Dante Cunningham breaks your heart.. and then runs you over with his truck, like he already almost did to Matsuflex.

More to come on this later.


  1. he is a dumb hick.
    also, i wish dante ran over matsuflex
    also, is this a soapbox?

  2. Fuck you, had he done so I would have to haunt him which would prevent him from kicking ass.
    Tyler's homosexuality = the Voice's homosexuality