Sunday, March 22, 2009

Villanova Women Shit the Bed

The 8th seeded Villanova Women's Basketball team obviously doesn't like playing out of conference. They got blown out today by 9th seeded Utah 60-30. You can't justify getting doubled up by a team that you're supposed to be favored over. It showed the weakness in Villanova's game.. If they can't score from beyond the arc, they're utterly hopeless because we don't have the big athletes and post scorers. I really don't care about Women's basketball because two teams seem to win the championship every year. I do however care about Villanova's team because the odds are against them. They Play their games in an empty arena and don't complain about it. The fact that they even made it to the NCAA tournament is incredible. Kudos to the Lady Wildcats.

Game Recap

The plight of anyone in this tournament doesn't matter because if UConn doesn't win.. it would be a huge shocker because they have clearly seperated themselves from every other team in the country.

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  1. outdone by Jay again.

    well, at least they don't have wright bobble heads.