Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Why Duke Must Die...

I don't want to put the carriage before the horse here and think ab out being in the elite 8 or final four, but just know that I will be putting some big money on Duke getting manhandled this Thursday. Enough about that, let's examine why Duke needs to lose this game.

  • Firstly, who else recruited Gerald Henderson? Villanova. Why? His sister was already enrolled here. I know, because she was in my upper level theology class. I give her a pass for dating Mario the R&B singer, who sings one of my favorite songs. However, the rest of her family can seez my deez. Gerald Henderson Jr. = douche. As much as I don't like Tyler Hansborough because he looks like a dumb hick, Gerald Junior intentionally knocked him the fuck out. Gerald Henderson Sr. = double douche. After playing Jay Wright like a cheap whore does Fact for his love and money, and getting a scholarship offer from Villanova, Gerald Senior and his son went to Duke. No Big Deal. But...when you sign with Duke and say, yeah we were thinking about other schools (i.e. Villanova) but we were looking for a higher standard of basketball. Fuck you. Fact check: Last two years Duke had Gerald Junior - second and first round exits. Before he got there- sweet 16. At the same time Villanova has been putting in work: a sweet sixteen and a first round exit too. Before he made his move- elite 8. Suck a dick Henderson family. I'm sure your mother is a wench and the same goes for any other family members I left out.
  • Taylor King. They didn't want him. We got him. Where's the angst? I don't know, ask the McDonald's All American walking around this campus still pissed as hell at Duke and Coach K for being assholes. I'm not suggesting he give up his year of eligibility to fuck up the Blue Devils this Thursday, but he needs to be the vocal leader these couple of days leading up to the game. These next couple of days are the most important couple of days leading up to the Sweet 16 and Elite 8. I think this is the second biggest difference maker in the Duke game. The first is if Scottie actually plays like he should be playing and stops this half assed offense effort stuff. All the retarded ESPN analysts say the way Scottie goes is the way this team goes. It's as if they haven't watched a game in the past 3 weeks. News flash, Scottie hasn't been producing the same he used to and we are still ballin'.
  • They get all the press and publicity. When can I walk into a Champs Sports or Modell's wherever I want and buy some Villanova garb--hopefully soon. I mean what does it take. I know we don't have a robust football program (although I pray for one every night), but come on (/GOB voice)! I think we've proven ourselves and will continue to do so this tournament and the coming years (especially next season).
I had more yesterday but the internet was down in the dorm (way to go most wired campus!) and I'm sick and tired. I'm going to sleep until my first class at 6:00 PM. You read that right, 6PM. Yesssss, I love night classes. Go 'Cats, Fuck Duke.


  1. JJ Redick NBA letdownMarch 24, 2009 at 1:13 PM


  2. Coach K said I couldn't walk on at Duke, that's why I'm ballin' here averaging 1 point per game in the Tourny. Suck it Duke.

  3. +1 dude.. Best post we've had so far

  4. http://www.philly.com/philly/sports/colleges/20090324_A_conflicted_vantage_point_on_Duke-_Nova.html

    a little more on taylor king.

  5. Jay's Personal ChefMarch 24, 2009 at 7:15 PM

    Thank you for being coarse and vulgar. I needed some profanity laden commentary on why Nova needs to fuck Duke up something horrible.

    More to the point...Gerald Henderson is a fucking dick and "broke my heart" says Jay Bones so I want him to go down and hopefully walk away with a broken nose.

  6. we also need to beat duke, so gus johnson can call the game winning shot the the NCAA championship game.

    "louisville leads, two seconds to shoot for villanova......anderson.....ANDERSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

  7. i live next to the voice
    and i helped hi write this