Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Doug Gottlieb ranks Villanova #3 for next year

ESPN Resident Jew College Basketball Analyst Doug Gottlieb has us ranked third as of right now. What relevance does this have? Very little. I just thought I wanted to give the perspective of someone who was thrown out of Notre Dame for stealing his roommates credit card.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Walking around the sports world.. draft lookback, Villanova linebacker signs with Redskins, Penn Relays DMR

As everyone knows, this is the slowest sports time in the year, so I thought I'd talk about some sports that usually aren't covered by the other Villanova blogs on the intergoogle.

Here's a rundown of what's going on in the sports world right now as i see it.

  • Villanova's distance medley relay team kicked ass this past weekend at the Penn Relays.. hopefully a good showing is in store for the Big East championship next weekend (if you don't plan on going, I highly recommend it.)
  • Villanova Safety/Linebacker Darrel Young has signed a contract with the Redskins according to people in the know. He's probably a longshot to make an active roster at this point, but hopefully that can change.
  • Ramses Barden might be the coolest name on earth.
  • Al Davis must be crazy or stupid. When Darrius Heyward-Bey played against Villanova, he was good but by no means was he a force to be reckoned with that the 7th pick in the draft should be.
  • There was the sickest crash I've ever seen in nascar yesterday.. not a fan, but that was just plain nasty.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Scottie Hangover is over.. Moral of the story? You Can Trust Us

Just because we broke the biggest Villanova basketball story of the offseason doesn't mean that we will break from our core of dick jokes, inane mock drafts and humor at the expense of other players.. There will still be plenty of that. For example, Why does Daniel Murphy suck so bad at fielding? But enough about Baseball.. Yes Scottie may be leaving, but he also may be making a big mistake. I propose that if Scottie does come back that we boo him mercilessly at Hoops Mania for destroying the massive boner that every Villanova fan should have after this momentous season. Scottie, you're a poor man's Allan Ray, why do you think you can leave us early?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Scottie declared for the draft today but didn't hire an agent. I think that most likely he'll work out for some teams, gain some valuable experience, realize he's not there yet and come back. Let's hope so. Either way, IBBW CAN SUCK MY DICK!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

This Week: Mock Draft/NFL Draft Live Blog Circle Jerk

This is just about the worst time of year for college sports.. unless you want to follow Lacrosse and some eighth grade kid who is considering Villanova at this point in his nonexistent basketball career or you have a baseball team that plays on campus.
So this week we'll be doing a mock draft on Wednesdayish and on saturday we'll be sporadically live blogging the upcoming NFL draft.

The Question of the week, Which prospect in the NFL draft is the Next Visanthe Shiancoe?

Subquestion of the week, why do wide receivers and tight ends like showing their penises off?

Other Random Thoughts:

  • How Awesome is Johan Santana.. his ERA this season is gonna be about 1.30.
  • The New Yankee Stadium is an oversized Little League park.
  • Chase Headley is gonna be an All Star in a matter of years.
  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg needs to retire or be impeached and probably be disbarred for spitting on the constitution. "Justice" Ginsburg, I live in America instead of Europe for a reason.
  • If the Giants don't get a big veteran receiver before next season i may just shoot myself
  • I rented Fallout 3 this week and it blows my mind.

One more thing...

Suck it IBBW

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Random acts of Douchebaggery #1: Lincoln Financial Edition

This has been an eventful past couple of days here at Fact on Villanova Sports. We broke our first major story, people questioned our source, then the same people who questioned us validated our source.

It has also been an eventful past couple of days for Villanova as well. As you probably already know, five Fiji assholes were arrested for breaking into Lincoln Financial Field. Could you morons be any dumber? Way to not only ruin your lives but also threaten your fraternity. You guys are the First Douchebags of the month. There is no prize for this award just shame. Criminals are supposed to go to Temple guys.. good job to fuck up that stereotype

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


According to my reliable source, Jr. Guard Scott M. Reynolds may be leaving Villanova this year and not returning for his final year of eligibility. I really hope this isn't the case but my source tells me that this information came from a member of the Villanova basketball family. My question is why. Its not like Scottie would be a high draft pick if he were even to be drafted at all. This is certainly a scary situation and I will keep you informed

Monday, April 6, 2009

Okay.. Regrouping time

That loss hurt. It hurt pretty bad, but I'm basically over it now because i realized that this team achieved its maximum potential and possibly overachieved. I'm not gonna try to be all gay and sentimental because that's not what people need right now, they need distraction and assurance that Villanova's work is not over by any means and that these deep tournament runs are not over. While I don't think that we will make it to the Final Four every year, I see no indication that the end is in sight for our Villanova Wildcats, especially with the studs that are coming in next year. Hopefully Mouphtaou Yarou can be the man in the middle that Villanova has needed to put the cherry on top of our NCAA tournament runs that have been so close only to end in heartbreak.

In the Oh Shit! Category, Assistant Head Coach Pat Chambers looks like he's headed to Boston University to be the head coach. Jay is just stocking other schools with his former assistants at this point and it looks like Doug West could be upgraded to Assistant Head Coach. Good luck to coach Chambers in his future endeavours wherever they may be.

Now its time for Baseball season to start.. and I hope my Mets don't Shit the bed again. I hate the Phillies with my life and I would root for any team if god forbid they make the world series again.

And now to leave you with a gay (yet awesome) music video from the 1980's to kick off the Beisbol season.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


well that sucked ass... but I am still proud of this team and the way they played all season. I will miss Dante, Dwayne, Shane and Frank quite a bit, they were one of the best classes in our team's history and i wish them all great luck in their future endeavors. On the upside, we return a solid core and have a great recruiting class coming in so we look to have a bright future. Go Cats!!!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

AccuScore Likes 'Nova's Chances

So If you've been on ESPN at all tonight, you may have noticed a little headline on the side of the page that reads "AccuScore: 'Nova will upset North Carolina." I saw that headline and said to my blue self, "Fuck yeah, I wanna read that shit." Unfortunately its for insiders only, of course. Since I'm not an insider and don't know anyone who is an insider, I did a little research to find this article somewhere else. Since I'm the man, I did find it, on a UNC blog. I decided to just straight up steal this shit from their blog for three reasons.

Reason 1: I really don't feel like changing his words around, or interpreting all the numbers from AccuScore.

Reason 2: It really should have been our news to report anyway since it favors the 'Cats, not the broken toes or whatever they call themselves.

Reason 3: Fuck them, that's why.

So without further ado, here's the article plus some commentary from the writer for the UNC blog for all of my fellow outsiders:

Even though the Villanova Wildcats are 7.5-point underdogs in Vegas, if they win, they most likely will win by seven or more points. If the North Carolina Tar Heels beat the Cats, expect a double-digit margin (around 15 points). In other words, you can ignore the spread.

The two outcomes hinge on two stats: 3-point shooting percentage and rebounding.

When Villanova won in simulations, the Wildcats shot 38 percent from 3-point range while North Carolina was a cold 31 percent. Villanova also slightly out-rebounded the Tar Heels. That makes a lot of sense, as we just saw a similar scenario play out in the Elite Eight.

In its upset win over Pittsburgh, Villanova shot just 30 percent from 3-point range, but this was better than Pitt's 27.8 percent. The undersized Villanova squad also out-rebounded one of the best rebounding teams in the country 29-27.

Free throw percentage was a huge factor for Villanova against Pittsburgh, but it will not likely be a big factor against the Tar Heels, as both teams shoot well from the line. Turnovers always play a major role, but Villanova can win even if it commits more turnovers than North Carolina. In simulation wins, Villanova averaged 13.1 turnovers to Carolina's 12.6.

When North Carolina won in simulations, the Tar Heels had the edge in field goal percentage and 3-point percentage and, most importantly, were plus-5.3 on the boards. When you combine the rebounding edge with a 3.7 turnover edge, the Tar Heels got nine more possessions out of these categories. Greater offensive efficiency (higher shooting percentages) combined with more possessions can result in an easy Carolina win.

Spread 'Em

The Sweet 16 and Elite Eight games were filled with blowouts. Other than Pittsburgh's games against Xavier and Villanova and the Kansas-Michigan State game, every game ended with a final margin of more than 10 points. The average point spread in those 12 games was 4.4, yet the average final margin was 13.4.

We are left with four very good teams, and most experts will predict close games. But if there are close games Saturday, it will be a surprise. For the season, when a team was favored by four or fewer points, the average final margin was 8.91. This is not much less than when teams are favored by 7.5 or fewer points -- 9.34 average final margin.

How Has AccuScore Performed?

On point spread predictions, AccuScore's predictions have generated profits for both teams:

For the record, here is AccuScore's over/under prediction records for these two teams. Both of these teams have generated profits.

Notice To Jay: Bring a Bulletin Board

Since the beginning of the season we've been listening to the media attempt to crown UNC as the mythical national champions. That talk has not finished this week, with most of the media saying that it's a foregone conclusion that our 'Cats will be beaten by those bastards in baby blue.

Here at FOVS we usually don't try to tell our coach what to do, but in this case I think it would be a good idea to do so. The best way for an underdog to approach a game against an apparent juggernaut is to go in with a chip on their shoulder and use an "us against the world mentality". If UNC loses this game, they wasted the brilliant (yet overrated) career of Tyler Hansbrough and Ty Lawson came back to school for no reason. If Villanova loses this game, they've already exceeded expectations therefore their season is already a success.

With all in this in mind, I would like to politefully request that our coaching staff add to the masterful job they have done coaching during this tournament and use these death warrants that have been signed by so called "experts" to motivate our 'Cats to a win against a team we're not supposed to beat.