Monday, April 6, 2009

Okay.. Regrouping time

That loss hurt. It hurt pretty bad, but I'm basically over it now because i realized that this team achieved its maximum potential and possibly overachieved. I'm not gonna try to be all gay and sentimental because that's not what people need right now, they need distraction and assurance that Villanova's work is not over by any means and that these deep tournament runs are not over. While I don't think that we will make it to the Final Four every year, I see no indication that the end is in sight for our Villanova Wildcats, especially with the studs that are coming in next year. Hopefully Mouphtaou Yarou can be the man in the middle that Villanova has needed to put the cherry on top of our NCAA tournament runs that have been so close only to end in heartbreak.

In the Oh Shit! Category, Assistant Head Coach Pat Chambers looks like he's headed to Boston University to be the head coach. Jay is just stocking other schools with his former assistants at this point and it looks like Doug West could be upgraded to Assistant Head Coach. Good luck to coach Chambers in his future endeavours wherever they may be.

Now its time for Baseball season to start.. and I hope my Mets don't Shit the bed again. I hate the Phillies with my life and I would root for any team if god forbid they make the world series again.

And now to leave you with a gay (yet awesome) music video from the 1980's to kick off the Beisbol season.


  1. first hitter cc sabathia faces as a yankee---single by brian roberts...suck it yanks. franky rodriguez closing this one out in a minute.

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  3. Are we ever doing this fantasy league?

  4. the mets bullpen has things on lock down. no way they don't make the playoffs this year.