Thursday, June 25, 2009

Where You Should Want Dante to go in Tonight's NBA Draft

The draft is only a few hours away and we all want to wish Dante the best of luck wherever he ends up, but that doesn't mean you can't pull for him to go to one of these teams:
  1. New York Knickerbockers - Why? Well the Knicks are a team in transition (hopefully for the better) and they look to be big players in free agency in the next couple of years. You know what sways superstars after the point of playing in the New York market has been beaten to death? The idea of winning. The Knicks have not been able to offer that much in the past years, but young talented role players that come from a winning tradition are the start to that foundation (read Dante Cunningham coming from Jay wright's magnificently coached Villanova teams the past four years).
  2. Washington Wizards - 'Te is from Maryland and its always nice to come home and play for a competitive team. I know the Wizards were stymied by an injure Gilbert Arenas for much of last year, but with the recent arrival of former teammate Randy foye as well--any Wildcat fan without a favorite pro team will need to look no further.
  3. Philadelphia 76ers - The more Cunningham the average Villanova sports fan can see on a daily basis the better.
  4. Houston Rockets - A team definitely on the rise with a good showing in the playoffs last year that could use the young and talented Dante. Also, for those who would like to apply the "root for as many wildcats at once" doctrine that I invoked in my reasoning for the Wizards pick can do the same here with the tenacious Kyle Lowry likely to see more minutes this year.
  5. ??? - I don't know much about the NBA so my picks could be way off. Tell us where Dante will fit in well and see some time early on. Tell us what's your favorite team and if you hope he goes there. I really don't have much more of a clue, but I'll root for the Knicks or the team that gets Ricky Rubio to also get Dante. I'm a fan of Spain (yes that means I am licking my wounds from yesterday's Confederate Cup loss) so pearing him up with a Spaniard is what I like to see.

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  1. I ordered my Jozy Altidore Jersey today haha. But anyways, I agree with just about all your points. I also would love to see him get drafted by the Cavs because they're in need of a long wing player who can defend a Hedo Turkuglu and Dante looks like he could be exactly that.