Friday, September 18, 2009

Keys To Villanova-Penn Game

After a big victory over Lehigh which moved Villanova into second in the rankings, they will head to Franklin Field this Saturday night to take on city rival Penn. Penn has been an annoyance to Coach Talley and the Wildcats in recent years because although VU has had the superior teams, Penn seems to always keep it close. Coach T refers to this as "Penn's Bowl Game" because they have nothing to play for except the Ivy League title (Ivy League teams aren't playoff eligible.)

Anyways, here are the keys to the game.

  1. Make Penn's Quarterback Scared- Last year at Franklin Field, one of the reasons that Penn was able to keep it close is that they all but neutralized Villanova's pass rush. This season unfortunately the pass rush has been fairly stagnant in the first two games (only one sack combined.) In order to put Penn away, Tim Kukucka and friends need to make Penn QB Kiefer Garton their bitch. Garton is a good runner, so if he's scared whenever he drops back to pass, it will render Penn one dimensional and that way The 'Cats can focus on playing the run.
  2. Protect the Damn Football!- Last year against Penn, Antwon Young was an interception machine, throwing four picks against The Quakers including three in the endzone. It was that game that led to Antwon's benching and the installment of Chris Whitney (BTW Chris Whitney>Matt Simms) as Villanova's starter at Quarterback, a job that he will have until he graduates. Villanova has done a fantastic job this season protecting the football (only one turnover in two games) and if that trend continues against Penn, it could be a long day for The Quakers.
  3. Pound the Rock- While Andy Talley run football teams used to be known for slinging the ball all over the field, The past two and a half seasons of Villanova Football have been defined by a bruising running game. Last week The 'Cats ran for 310 yards and if they can come anywhere close to that in this game, Penn may have to rethink why they scheduled a game so close to Rosh Hashanah.
  4. Quiet the Crowd Early- Since this game is at the other team's home field, the crowd can become a factor in the game. If I'm Andy Talley, I would come out firing to try and make sure this game isn't close at halftime. The longer Penn is in the game, the more the crowd will be into it and that's not something Villanova wants. Fans wearing red and blue leaving at halftime is ideal.
  5. Step on Their Throats- Once the 'Cats get the lead, its imperative that they don't relinquish it. A close outcome is not ideal by any means, all of these close games are starting to piss me off. I wanna be able to walk out of Franklin Field without having to reconcile the fact that Villanova had a scare against an inferior opponent. So please, come out swinging and kick some ass.

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  1. Chris Whitney is kind of a dick though.