Monday, September 28, 2009

Keys to Villanova-William & Mary Game: Crunk Edition

Since Villanova went on a touchdown binge last week against Northeastern, I'm taking on a drinking theme for my keys to the upcoming nationally televised game against William & Mary.

Here we go:
  1. Avoid the Hangover- Beating a team by seven touchdowns as Villanova did last week can lend to coming out of the gate flat the next week. The 'Cats cannot afford to do this against a team as talented as they will face this week. This team must be convinced by Andy Talley and his fellow coaches must convince their team that they it does in fact stink when they take a dump and that championships are not won in September.
  2. Get Rowdy- With a game like this and a Villanova team as Good as this, the crowd should be better than normal. With a good crowd behind them or not though, The 'Cats must come out with intensity. Physical Play is a necessity. Especially important will be establishing a physical presence at the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball, fighting for every yard on offense and the defense laying the lumber. If Villanova isn't as physical as The Tribe, there is a very good chance that VU could walk away from this game disappointed.
  3. Take Some Shots- Villanova was able to get a handful of 30+ yard plays against Northeastern. If VU is able to get some big plays, it greatly enhances their chances at victory. One way this can happen is to establish a running game to force The Tribe defense to commit a safety to the run and use play action to throw it deep down field. If there's one area where Chris Whitney has struggled with this year, it has been throwing the deep ball (his only interception of the season came on an underthrown downfield pass.) Maybe this is a task for Antwon Young (who should play on the third series of the game) due to his plus arm strength. I like that the effort has been there to throw the deep ball, but it's time to start executing.
  4. Sip on Some Szczurp- Junior Wide Receiver Matt Szczur is arguably the most explosive playmaker Villanova has had since Brian Westbrook left the Main Line. Szczur does everything from returning kicks to playing Quarterback. Although he's very dynamic, the opportunities have not been there for Szczur so far this year in the passing game. With a guy as tough and as fast as Szczur, it's imperative to get the ball in his hand in space. Throw him a screen once in a while and see what he can do.
  5. Hold it Down- On of the strengths of this team so far has been it's ability to hold on to the football. Winning the turnover battle is a key to winning close games like i expect this one to be. William & Mary has done a good job so far in forcing turnovers and Villanova has done a good job so far holding onto the football, so something has got to give. Coaches hate turnovers more than i hate just about anything in football, so if Villanova holds onto the ball in this game, it will make Andy Talley a happy man and greatly increases their chances of winning.
The 'Cats have rolled off to a very good start to the season and this game, with serious conference and national implications is when the season begins in earnest. The team could really use a big group of loud, enthusiastic Villanova fans. The students really need to show up in droves and act as the 12th man, because if they do, The 'Cats won't let us down. For those who can't go, the game will be televised nationally on Versus live saturday at 3:30.

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