Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kim Clijsters/Villanova Weekend Sports Update/Anti-Kanye Call To Arms

I'm too lazy to do a full recap of the football game because I was tipsy and I left at halftime, so that would require watching the full game. All you need to know is that Villanova dominated Lehigh 38-17. So suck it Lehigh.

Anyways, the real reason why i decided to actually decided to do this. Kim Clijsters, wife of all time Wildcat good guy Brian Lynch (who looks like he got lost in the woods for a few weeks) came out of retirement and won the US open 18 months after giving birth to an adorable little nugget (for the record, I normally hate kids, but this could be a future Villanovan!) Of course Serena Williams had to be a bitch and sully the moment for everyone. It's good to see the nice people win every once in a while especially when they bitchslap the Williams sisters in the process.

Also, I'd like to call on everyone to illegally download as much Kanye West music as possible, burn it onto CDs and start passing them out on the streets of the nearest major city. Nobody fucks with Taylor Swift and gets away with it. By the way, Beyonce's music video was bland at best. All she did was take the premise of one of her Destiny's Child songs (Independent Women) and rip off a J-Lo video. The mere mention of that video being one of the greatest ever probably made Axl Rose shit his pants.

Music Video Greatness


  1. I was wondering where you went at the game. Also, the KANYE INTERRUPT meme is hilarious!

  2. oh and that Axl Rose reference is so forced.