Saturday, October 3, 2009

My thoughts: At the Half

Ok, so we are up 21-6 over Bill and Mary at the half and we have played very well so far. Some thoughts:
1. James Pitts (henceforth know as BEEF MOE) is a beast, he's played a key part in both turnovers today and has overall played a very good games in our secondary.
2. I like the aggressive playcalling from A.T. starting off the game in the wildcat with a Jet Sweep- Flea Flicker to Harvey for the TD. Also throwing in some attempted double pass action and we've definitely got W&M guessing.
3. Whitney is running like a beast, he's running over, around and through the defense and I personally love it.
4. Good work on special teams with 3 very solid kick returns and good coverage on our end which is helping us in the field position battle.
5. Our run D is doing well but I am worried about our soft pass D, we're running a zone most of the time and it looks like we are going to give up the 5-10 yard pass every time which is not a good thing. Right now we are working with a sort of bend but don't break defense but I am not confident with that sort of plan.

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