Monday, November 30, 2009

Villanova-Drexel Preview: Philly Champs Versus The Big 5's Retarded Cousin

Three years ago I witnessed firsthand one of the most depressing Villanova losses in memory and it still stings to this day to think about that game.  Bruiser Flint brought in his Drexel Dragons and beat Villanova at The Pavillion.  I remember walking back to my room that night thinking that The Golden Age of Villanova Basketball was over, Allan Ray, Randy Foye and Kyle Lowry were gone and were not going to be replaced by the new crop of freshmen.  Thank Joe Pesci that I was wrong, because three years after that game, The Golden Age of Villanova Basketball is still cruising down the interstate at 100 MPH.  One name that I will never forget is Frank Elegar not only for his performance in that game, but his taunting of Villanova students on Facebook afterward.  Luckily, that game was a long time ago and Bilal Benn is no longer able to cough the ball up at mid court for The 'Cats (that's Niagara's problem.)  I don't have too much to work with on Drexel, all I know is that they lost to those cunts at St. Blow's (who lost to Rider tonight.  Anything less than a decisive Villanova victory is simply unacceptable. 

If Villanova Wins- Big Fucking Deal, We're supposed to win.

If Villanova Loses- The Call for a Mass Suicide in the event of a Villanova loss is still in effect for this game. 

It Makes Me Happy When- St. Joe's loses to a team from The MAAC, especially when that School is my Mother's Alma Mater

It Makes Me Sad When- I find out that Mouph is probably out for the year.  Fucking Sub-Saharan Africa.

Scottie Needs: 540 Points to pass Kerry Kittles.

Alright bitches, that's enough for tonight.. I'll probably have something else to say about this game come gameday.

Villanova-UNH Game Deux.. Revenge or a Repeat of Last Time?

This coming Saturday, The Villanova Football Team will attempt to exorcise some demons by playing the only team that beat them this entire season; their namesakes from the University of New Hampshire.  In the last game in front of a packed house in Durham, New Hampshire, UNH pulled off the upset by jumping off to an early lead and fighting off a fierce Villanova comeback attempt to win 28-24.  In that game, neither team could move the ball into the strong winds that day and Villanova had the misfortune to have the wind in their face during both the first and fourth quarters.  That game acted as a serious wake up call for The 'Cats as they have rattled off six straight wins since that gutwrenching loss at UNH.  The six game winning streak is the longest for Villanova since the beginning of the 2003 season.  While Villanova rolled through their schedule after the UNH game, UNH cooled down in the last five games of their CAA slate going 3-2 with losses against UMass and William and Mary and a shootout win over CAA doormat Rhode Island.  Hopefully for Villanova, homefield advantage for this game will make up the four point differential for last game and more.  The Sportsbooks are giving UNH 11 Points take UNH getting 11 and Villanova to win. 

Here's some of my In Depth analysis.
  • Somebody Get Sicko- UNH Tight End Scott Sicko is being watched by NFL scouts and people in the know think he will get drafted.  I happen to believe them.  In the first game against UNH this season, Sicko Shredded the Villanova defense.  This game I think it's important to not allow him to get a free release from the line of scrimmage, they should bump him to try to throw off the timing between him and Quarterback RJ Toman.  Sicko is the most dynamic UNH player in the passing game, they have to find a way to slow him.  If Villanova is able to limit Scott Sicko to shorter gains rather than long passes up the middle, they greatly improve their chance to win this game.
  • Find The Pass Rush- Last game, Holy Cross quarterback Dominic Randolph was not hit nearly enough.  One of Villanova's signatures is getting pressure on the quarterback and they cannot give Toman all day to throw the ball like they did with Randolph.  I personally believe that they will be able to get to Toman this week based on how they did pressuring him in the last game and the fact that Randolph was both very quick at diagnosing the Villanova coverage and finding the an open receiver then getting the ball off.  Certain quarterbacks do very well against Villanova's defense while it gives others fits.  We'll just have to wait until Saturday afternoon to see how Toman handles the Villanova defense. 
  • Ride The Gravy Train- Matt Szczur has been doing everything in recent games.  He's coming off a career best receiving total of 130 yards to go alone with over 50 yards running the ball.  It has become very clear at this point that Matt Szczur is one of the best playmakers in all of College Football.  Expect a heavy dose of Szczur in this game Running, Receiving and possibly even throwing the ball as he's had some of his best games of the season in recent weeks.  If Matt Szczur has as big an impact on this game as he did on the game against HC, Villanova should win. 
  • Protect WhitneyThe Offensive Line is coming off perhaps their best game of the season in the win over Holy Cross.  Not only did the offense run for almost 300 yards but Chris Whitney also passed for 239 yards.  I expect UNH to do a better job pressuringWhitney than Holy Cross did so the O-Line needs to be on top of their game(s).  Making matters a little more difficult is the season ending knee injury to starting Right Tackle Chidozie Ekweozor who I felt was really coming along nicely after struggling a little earlier in the season.  Earlier today in his Conference Call, Coach Talley wasn't sure what was going to be done to replace him.  The two most likely situations would be to pull the redshirt off of True Freshman Josh Bucci or to shuffle the O-Line and move Senior Right Guard Jonathan Bugli at Right Tackle and insert True Freshman Dan Shirey at Right Guard.  The latter of those two choices seems to be the most likely as Bugli has started several games this season at Tackle and Shirey has Started games at Guard.  If Chris Whitney stays off his back this game, Villanova will be very, very hard to beat. 
  • Control The Clock- One of the reasons Villanova was able to pull away from Holy Cross was their long, sustained drives.  As a result of those drives, they controlled the clock for almost 60 percent of the game last week.  If they can do the same thing against the UNH and keep the Villanova defense rested on the sideline, I'm fairly certain Villanova will win this game. 
That's it for today folks.. I'm sure I'll revisit this later on in the week if I think of something new.  Kickoff is Saturday afternoon at 3:30.. Come early and tailgate in the east lot.

This week In Sports

Hello bitches, after weeks of finding other things to do besides my work i have finally run out of options and have been reduced to coming back and writing for this blog.
This is setting up to be an awesome week in the sports world, Villanova and otherwise.
I'm sure that some of the other Villanova sports teams have shit this week but I don't really give a fuck about anything but Men's Basketball and Football.
So here's what's on tap this week
Big10/ACC Challenge: I really don't care that much about this but I'm sure there are plenty of people interested in seeing the overrated Big10 get ass-fucked by the ACC. One match-up I am looking forward to is the Minnesota Miami clash on Wednesday. This is only because I want to see how Malcom Grant is doing down at The U. Even though he left, I still appreciate what he did fot the Cats during his time on the Mainline.
Villanova vs. Drexel: Wednesday night at the Pavillion the Cats will take on the Dragons. I fucking hate Drexel for a lot of reasons but mostly because of the fact that they beat us here during my freshman year and because they think that they should be allowed into the Big 5 in basketball. Fuck that, I don't want any more OOC rival obligations with shitty teams. We are already forced to play 4 shitty teams from Philly so we can assert our dominance and I don't want anymore. I hope the Cats will take a giant dump on Drexel and show them how it feels to be part of the Big 5.
FIFA World Cup Draw: On Friday, the groups will be decided for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. The draw will go a long way in decideing which teams will have a shot at taking the whole thing this summer. In 2006 the US got drawn against Italy, Ghana and The Czech Republic, three very capable sides, which played a huge part in the early exit by the Red, White and Blue (well that and some awesomely inept coaching). This year, I'mm really hoping for an easy draw for the Americans (and the English) and I would love nothing more than to see New Zealand and South Africa in our group.
Saturday: Saturday is shaping up to be an awesome day for Villanova and no-Villanova sports fans and I'm especially looking forward to 3 things. My day will start off with Chelsea vs. Manchester City at 12:30. The Blues have been in great form lately dispatching Arsenal 3-0 on Sunday while City is struggling having drawn a EPL record 7 games in a row. I hate Man City and fully expect the Blues to smash their fucking faces in. Later in the day you have Villanova vs.UNH in an NCAA 1-AA football quarterfinal match-up. I don't really know a lot about 1-AA fottball but I know UNH beat us in a close game earlier this year and that I really want Nova to win. I'll let Fact handle the rest. And last but not least, the SEC Championship Game: #1 Florida vs. #2 Alabama in Hot 'Lanta. I hate Tim Tebow and hope Terrence "Mount" Cody, Rolando McClain and Javier Arenas run train on him all day. Either way it should be an awesome game to watch.
Villanova and Mayrland: Sunday at 7:30 these 2 face off in D.C. in Nova's best OOC game of the year. I think this could turn out to be an awesome game and I hope the Cats can contiune to play well and beat the turtles.

So that's all I got, looks like an interesting week and hopefully Villanova will fare well in all its endevours.

It's a Good Day To Be a Villanova Fan

Yes friends it is a good day to be a Villanova fan.  The Football team beat Holy Cross 38-28 and is headed to the quarterfinals of the playoffs for the second straight year, The Men's basketball team beat LaSalle handily and the Women's basketball team won a tournament in Chattanooga. (good omen?) I'm going to just meld all of my bullshit into one super awesome post rather than waste my time and write the equivalent of a novella on something that could be accomplished in much less than that.  Plus.. nobody reads this shitty blog anyway, not even my friends.

Here's My Take on the Day In Villanova Sports

  • I hate bitching about officiating, but there was some bullshit going on by the men in stripes.  It Seemed every time Villanova had a chance to stop Holy Cross and finally put the game away, a flag was thrown.  It was annoying to say the least, I'm not going to get into too much detail, but it was definitely fishy.
  • There is no better way to say it, Chris Whitney is a fucking winner.  Not only did he have one of the best games of his career passing the ball, but he ran for 60 yards to go along with it.  He and Matt Szczur (all hail Szczur) were in sync the entire game as Szczur ended up with 130 yards receiving plus 55 rushing yards and a rushing touchdown.  Aaron Ball also toted the rock well as he finished with 99 yards on the ground and a touchdown.
  • Holy Cross' Quarterback Dominic Randolph is the truth.  He absolutely shredded the Villanova defense (especially in the first half.)  Look for him when it comes time for the NFL Draft.
  • The Men's Basketball team looks like it's finally getting it's shit together. Early Season MVP: Antonio Pena.  Villanova has not had a consistent low post scorer since the failed Michael Bradley experiment toward the end of the also failed Steve Lappas experiment.
  • Sighting at The Football Game: St. Patrick High School (Fish, Nardi, Al Harrington and Marcus "Big Dog" Austin to name a few) Coach Kevin Boyle.  Word on the street is that his daughter is a cheerleader (I hope she isn't one of the beasts.)
  • The Women's Basketball Team winning the finals of their tournament over hosts UT-Chattanooga has to be a good Omen (right??)  Hopefully another Villanova team will be playing in Chatty in a few weeks (for those of you retards in the audience, the correct answer is Football.)  Please at least try to go to at least one women's game this season.. The team barely gets any support from the students and Harry Perretta, the coach is worth the (cheap) price of admission (free for students.)
  • The reported attendance for the game was a load of dookie.  There were closer to eight thousand people there than the 4300 listed.
  • I'm really hoping for a win against UNH on Saturday and then a matchup against SIU the following week.  I have some personal ties to The Salukis that I'll revisit if necessary. 
  • Matt Szczur- Baseball sucks, you're better at Football.. Please don't leave Villanova.
  • The BCS sucks, but they made a website to try to prove otherwise. Well they failed to convince me. 
That's about it.. Oh yeah, Jason Colenda isn't on the basketball team anymore.  Big Fucking Deal, it's not like he's going to do anything anyways. 

Friday, November 27, 2009

The Favored Son Versus The Bastard Child: Villanova-LaSalle Preview

 Tom Gola Will not be playing tomorrow

In recent years, LaSalle has been far and away the worst team in the Big Five.  In fact, LaSalle is the only team in the Big Five that has not made the NCAA tournament this decade.  I don't see that changing any time soon when they have to compete against Temple and St. Joe's for recruits (it's like picking between the electric chair, lethal injection and the gas chamber.)  If you expect

What Should Happen: Villanova should cruise to victory as they are simply better than The Explorers.

What Most Likely Will Happen: Villanova will allow LaSalle to stay in the game for too long.

If Villanova Wins: They will need two more wins to prove they are the Daddy of the Big Five for yet another year.

If Villanova Loses: I recommend Mass Suicide.  Just drink the Kool-Aid before me.

Scottie Needs: 554 Points

If you go to the game tomorrow, I'd like to encourage you to show up a few hours early and at least show up to see some of the Villanova Football Team's first round playoff game against Holy Cross.  As I said earlier today, the team we have this year is special.  Don't let the year pass by without going to at least one game.  Kickoff is at noon.  Peace out and Go 'Cats

Football- Why This Team is Special: Seventh Floor Crew Edition

Heading into the Playoffs, The Villanova Football Team has already achieved something that has never happened in the long history of the program: two straight ten win seasons.  I have been going to games for over half my life and after the Delaware game I came to the conclusion that this team has something about it that cannot be measured on a stat sheet or from a scoreline.  They have intangibles out the ass to go along with the tremendous talent up and down the roster.  In short: they know how to win football games.  Perhaps it's a shitty comparison, but when I see similarities between the swagger this team shows on the field and the legendary swagger shown by the thugtastic teams from The U earlier this decade.  One thing I can promise, you won't see a lewd and unintelligent (yet awesome) rap song come from the Villanova Football Team.  One thing I can guarantee is that The Villanova Football Team (in its entirety) don't mean to disrespect any women (in its entirety.)


I really Just Wanted an excuse to post this.. sorry

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Villanova-Holy Cross Playoff Game Preview

 Who Will be Playing the Role of Muslim in the Crusade?
On Saturday Villanova will host a playoff game for the second consecutive season.  Last season, The 'Cats dismantled Colgate 55-28 in a game that was more lopsided than even the four touchdown differential indicated in the final score.  This game could be different though.  Last year Colgate was a one dimensional running team which played into Villanova's strength of stopping the run.  Holy Cross is a team that spreads the ball around the field through the air which is something that Villanova has been vulnerable at from time to time.  In the end though, I think Villanova wins handily. 

Here's How I think they do so:
  • Make the Game a Track Meet: It has been apparent in the last several games against Patriot League opponents that Villanova has simply has had superior athletes to their opponents.  In games like that, as long as the team with the better athletes does not make too many mistakes they will generally win.  I expect Villanova to use their speedy players such as Matt Szczur, Dorian Wells, Mikey Reynolds and Angelo Babbaro on runs and short passes to the outside early in the game to force the Crusader defense to play conservatively in order to stop the outside run.   If the Holy Cross defense is forced to contain the outside run, it will open up other facets of the game such as power runs up the middle with Aaron Ball and passes to the middle of the field. 
  • Limit Yardage After The Catch- Holy Cross has a prolific passing game courtesy of their NFL prospect Quarterback Dominic Randolph.  Based on the Delaware game last week, Villanova will most likely try to take away the run and the deep pass while conceding short to mid range passes.  If they can limit or eliminate the yardage the Crusader receivers get after the catch, it could mean a short day for the massholes in purple.
  • Don't Reinvent Yourself- I'm glad that Villanova's offensive coordinator Sam Venuto can make adjustments because if he wasn't able to make said adjustments Villanova would be screwed.  Villanova is classically a passing football team but Chris Whitney is better equipped to run the ball.  Andy Talley, Venuto and the rest of the coaches realized that Villanova had the best chance of winning if they ran the ball.  Now is not the time for that to change, they must continue to pound the rock.  The forecast is also calling for wind another reason to rejoice because HC will struggle more if theres a lot of wind.
  • Get a Consistent Pass Rush- When The 'Cats get a good pass rush, their defense is near impossible to get yardage on but it can be picked apart through the air if they don't.  Expect to see blitzes from all angles (per usual) and hope that the players from the good team will dwell in the Crusader backfield.  Junior linebacker Terence Thomas  and Senior defensive end Tim Kukucka have had great seasons rushing the passer as they have combined for 14 sacks between the two of them, with Kukucka also registering 14.5 Tackles for loss total.  During the regular season, Villanova had ten players register at least one sack.  If Randolph doesn't have time, Villanova wins simple as that.  

So that's it for the game preview, Let's go 'Nova!
This is your time:  

    Wednesday, November 25, 2009

    Where Does Chris Whitney Stack Up?

     Chris Whitney has already done something that no Villanova quarterback in the history of the program has done, lead his team to two straight ten win seasons.  I've been following Villanova Football since the magical 1997 Season and Chris Whitney may have already cemented himself as the greatest quarterback I've seen since 1997.  Think about this: Chris Whitney has never lost a game to an opponent ranked outside the Top 15 and has lost a total of one game at home in his entire career.    It's impossible to make an empirical argument for Whitney because his numbers (especially passing) are nowhere near the other two quarterbacks he'd be up against Brett Gordon and Chris Boden.  Ultimately though, the only number that truly matters for a quarterback is the bottom line: Wins and Losses.  When all is said and done, Whitney will have won more games than both of those other quarterbacks and if he wins a national championship, there is no room for question at that point. 

    Chris Whitney is a Tough SOB and he deserves any accolades he gets because he's the straw that stirs the Villanova drink.  

    Monday, November 23, 2009

    Thoughts On a Monday: Police Incompetence Edition

    This is by no means a slow week for Villanova Sports.  To start off, the Football team received the Number two overall seed for the playoffs yesterday and the Basketball team won their tourney in Puerto Rico.  More recently, the women's Cross Country team locked up a national championship!

    Here are some Potpourri things:

    • Matt Szczur received CAA Offensive and Special Teams Player of the Year awardsAndy Talley was Named Coach of the Year and fellow 'Cats Chris Whitney, Ben Ijalana, Tim Kukucka and Terrence Thomas joined Szcur on the CAA first team.  
    • Holy Cross has a quarterback who might eventually be Playing in the NFL.  Stopping him means beating HC.
    • Who is this man and what has he done With Antonio Pena? Tone is playing like a bonafide superstar right now on both sides of the floor.  Maybe he had a brain transplant. 
    • Nice to see Scottie have a good game, we're going to need him this year with the young team we have.. Maybe this will give him some confidence. 
    • Hopefully the fact that we have a football and basketball game on the same day could help bring more people (especially students) to the game against Holy Cross.
    • It's very sad to see that Northeastern dropped their football program.  I feel for the true fans of Northeastern football and especially the players and coaches who put in so much of their time only to see it get taken away from them. 
    • The Radnor Police Department really needs to find something better to do than send half of their manpower to break up a house party.  Apparently asking a question amounts to disorderly conduct.  At this point i like cops about as much as these guysACAB
    • Real Nova may be the greatest intramural soccer team in history.  Their reign should last for at least a thousand more years. 
    • I love running, not the physical act.. but the sport.  I'm very glad that Villanova is becoming a power in track again.  It makes my dad happy.
    • More Proof KC Keeler is a horsefucker: Calling a timeout after three straight kneel downs.  He's lucky Andy Talley is a class act because I would have kicked his ass if he had done that.  It was a perfect act of poor sportsmanship
    • I'm really feeling Jurassic 5 right now.  IT's brilliant rap that doesn't have to be ridiculous to work, it's just good old school hip hop. 
    • Sarah Palin is really starting to annoy me, but so is the media's hard on for anyone who is willing to take her on.  The election is almost three years away but MSNBC is obsessed with shooting down anyone who could possibly take on Barry Obama.. newsflash Keith Olbermann.. it's not going to be Sarah Palin.
    • The Giants finally won but should still fire their defensive coordinator.
    • I love UConn for beating Notre Dame.  I love Temple for making us looks good.
    That's all i have to say for now because i'm ready to see some some intramural footy tonight.

    Villanova wins National Championship

    The Women's Cross Country team has won the 2009 NCAA Cross Country National Championship! Congratulations to the team, we'll have another update with individual finishes, etc. when I can actually find out the full results.

    Basketball Ranked #4

    After capturing the Puerto Rico Tip-off Classic title over the weekend, the men's basketball team has jumped up two spots in this week's poll and are now ranked 4th in both the ESPN/USA Today coaches poll and the AP Top 25. Other significant changes included UNC falling back to 12th and Syracuse moving all the way up from 25th to 9th after their beatdown of UNC.

    Overall a very successful weekend for Villanova Sports, Football wins the CAA and is ranked 2nd in the FCS heading into the playoffs, and Basketball takes home the first hardware of the year and moves into the top 5 in the rankings. Now we just need the 2nd ranked women's cross country team to take home the National Championship today, and this could be one of the most successful weekends in Villanova sports.

    Saturday, November 21, 2009

    Villanova Pounds Delaware to the Turf, Wins CAA Championship

    Well, that was a thumping.. although the stats don't indicate it, Villanova made Delaware its bitch today with a 30-12 victory.  Chris Whitney ran all over the Delaware defense to the tune of 138 yards.  Pat Devlin had 407 passing yards, but he also had three picks as Delaware struggled the entire game to run the ball, finishing with only 45 yards on the game.  It should be noted that Devlin's passing yardage is more a reflection on the fact Delaware was down big the whole game than Villanova playing poor defense.

    Here's what I noticed

    • Chris Whitney is a stone cold killer.  He has no regard for his own body and is one of the toughest players I've ever seen put a Villanova uniform.  He ran all over the Delaware defense today and delivered some blows when guys were trying to take him down.  
    • Pat Devlin is nowhere near the player Joe Flacco was.  Cool Joe wouldn't have made all of those mistakes.  I thought Devlin looked lost in there sometimes.  Maybe he just wasn't getting protection.
    • Matt Szczur continues to astound me.  The guy is just so steady, he never disappears and can always be counted on to make a big play.  It's a rarity to have a big play threat who is as consistent as Szczur.  
    • The Defense didn't get beat on the ground, which will be key come playoff time when the weather gets colder and it's harder to pass. 
    • The kicker, Nick Yako has been pretty good this season and he's only a freshman so he can only get better he had some nice kickoffs and made three field goals and is still perfect on extra point's eleven games into the season. 
    • The Defense is forcing turnovers, which makes me happy.  
    Thats it.. the selection show is tomorrow at 3 on ESPN News  go watch in the Connelly Center with the team if you don't get ESPN News (I don't.)

    Thoughts Early on a Saturday

    Big Day For Villanova Football Today, big win for VU BBall yesterday.  I figured I would just go down and give general two sport list to give you a barometer on how I'm feeling (like you really want to know.)

    • Tone is playing the best basketball of his career.  He's currently averaging a double-double and hasn't grabbed less than seven boards in a game yet this season.  I doubted you before the season, but it looks like you're proving me wrong.. I'm glad.
    • According to The Voice, Mouph is hopeful that he'll be cleared to travel with the team soon.  At least one tests may have also been false positives. 
    • I wouldn't doubt if if Fish leads the team in scoring this year.
    • Matt Szczur won't be donating Bone Marrow until January, and that makes him available for every game of the playoffs.  I wouldn't have minded him sitting out to save the life of a girl, especially one as young as a year old.  
    • My dad does not like the post about K.C. Keeler, go figure. 
    • When you're drunk, nothing hits the spot like a cheeseburger and copious amounts of french fries.
    • I still don't think that we're as good as people say we are.. but I'll take it.  
    • My friend went on a drunken tirade about how he hates the president.  He had a true Glenn Beck moment.
    • In football however, I think we're just as good as people say, maybe better.
    • The average Delaware fan hates Villanova.  The average Villanova fan could give a shit about Delaware.  
    • I'd also like to thank the guys from IBBW for hopping on the Mouph/medical story.  Those guys do a good job over there and even though we (Matsuflex) got into a bit of a scrum earlier this year, they're alright.
     Remember, Follow

      Thursday, November 19, 2009

      Have You Seen This Asshole?

       Kurt Charles "K.C." Keeler 

      Wanted For: 
      Fraud, Questionable use of Sunglasses and Suspicion of Buggery 

      Keeler, The Head Football Coach Of The University of Delaware is frequently seen with his head up the ass of quarterbacks at BCS schools.  Known for his signature sunglasses (which are too small for his HUGE  fiveforehead) and his tendency to attempt to justify his team's mediocre season.  Mr. Keeler is surrounded by some dangerous Motherfuckers, including one arrested for stabbing himself.  If you see him take no risks and do not approach him unless it is with the hood of your car.  Mr. Keeler is surrounded by over 50 young men with brains the size of peanuts who know not the difference between their ass and a hole in the ground. Recent intelligence indicates that he may be the bitch in a violent BDSM session at the Hands of Mistress 'Nova this Saturday November 21st. 

      Extreme Caution Should Be Used especially with your horses because judging by his elongated Skull he is at least half horse.  If your horses are not in a secure location they will be penetrated.

      Remember Mr. Ed Keeler.. Nay means Nay

      Villanova Wins! Heart Attack Averted, Refs Get off their Knees Just in Time

      Wow, I really don't have much to say.  Four Players fouled out, there were far too many turnovers and we didn't make free throws, but apparently we have Jesus on our side.  When Isaiah Armwood was taking what turned out to be the Game winning Three Pointer, I almost threw something at the TV.  When He made it I was ecstatic.  Let's go down the line..

      • Piss Poor Officiating
      • Terrible Free Throw Shooting
      • Scottie turning the ball over
      • Jay Wright wearing casual clothing
      • Mouph Sick :(
      I'll have more later.. but a big win that we probably didn't deserve. 

      BREAKING: Mouphtaou Yarou sent Home, Believed to Have Hepatitis B, Tested Positive For Tuberculosis

      Thanks To VUHoops for the picture

      UPDATE: 5:14 PM: As far as I'm hearing this is at least true for Hep B, which would be why he was sent home with a "Viral Infection" TB requires more stringent testing (usually chest imaging.)  Many people who are exposed to TB never actually get full blown Tuberculosis and there is a chance for false positives (5-10 percent of the US population test positive on a Mantoux Test but the percentage of the population with the disease is exponentially lower than that, the rate in which people from less developed countries test positive is much higher, thus Mouph might be ok with regards to TB.)
      I have Received news from a (reliable) source with in depth knowledge of the situation that Villanova Freshman phenom Mouphtaou Yarou has been sent home from Puerto Rico after the discovery that he has tested positive for Tuberculosis and Hepatitis B.  .

      I know that I'm never too serious or reverent on this blog, but please pray for Mouph to make a speedy and full recovery.  At this point, basketball is not the issue, the health and livelihood of a member of the Villanova Family is.

      Scottie Watch: George Mason Edition

      I didn't have time for a full preview so i decided to just do another edition of Scottie Watch before this game.  With 14 points last game, Scottie Reynolds now has 22 points on the season heading into today's contest against George Mason.  Those 22 points give him 1,642 for his Career, good enough for 14th in school history.

      Scottie Is:

      358 Points From 2,000

      602 Points From Passing Kerry Kittles for the Men's Scoring career lead

      767 Points from Passing Shelly Pennefather for the Combined Mens/Womens Mark

      Tuesday, November 17, 2009

      Villanova-Delaware Game Preview

      Villanova will return home to Villanova Stadium this Saturday at 3:30 PM to play it's archrival Delaware in the regular season finale.  The 'Cats are 9-1 and 6-1 in CAA conference play while the Blue Hens are 6-4 and 4-3 in conference play.  Villanova has taken the last three meetings against Delaware including winning last year's Matchup 21-7 at Delaware.  The Blue Hens are a much better team than they were last year, especially at the Quarterback position where Penn State transfer Pat Devlin has stepped in and performed admirably despite lacking weapons at the other skill positions, especially running back. 

      Here are my keys to the game (after the jump):

      Monday, November 16, 2009

      Villanova-Penn Storylines

      Coming off the first win of the season against Fairleigh Dickinson, Villanova will open up the City Series against Penn. Villanova hasn't lost to Penn since 2002 and don't look for this game to be any different.  As the years go on, the gap between the Ivy League and the power conferences continues to grow and The Quakers will need ingenuity and a hell of a lot of luck to beat The 'Cats especially since the game is at The Pavillion

      Here's what I'll be looking for:

      • Scottie Reynolds had a pretty crappy game against FDU and It should be pretty interesting to see how he'll do against Penn.  I'm predicting more than the 8 points he scored last game. 
      • If Corey Stokes shoots anywhere near how he shot last game, we could see a breakout year for "The Bayonne Bomber" (I hate that nickname by the way.)  I expect him to cool down a little bit this game though.
      • I expect Villanova to try to lean on going to the basket more against a smaller, less athletic Penn team.  This could be the game where we really find out what we have in Mouphtaou Yarou. 

      Now for Scottie Watch

      Scottie Is:

      372 Points From 2,000.

      616 Points from Breaking Kerry Kittles' Men's school record of 2,243 points.

      781 Points From Passing Shelly Pennefather's combined school record of 2,408 Points.

      That's all for this abridged game preview.. I'll have more when the games get interesting.  Go 'Cats!

      Friday, November 13, 2009

      Scottie Watch: Preseason Edition

      I'm big into stats, They have less worth than the intangibles, but they're still interesting to follow. With a big season this year, Scottie Reynolds has an opportunity to be the most prolific scorer in Villanova history.  It's already very likely that Scottie will end up with a more prolific scoring career than Randy Foye (who finished with less career points than teammate Allan Ray,) but with a big season he can pass Kerry Kittles to become Villanova's all time leading scorer in Men's Basketball. At this point Scottie has 1620 points and is within striking distance of some big time scoring milestones.

      Scottie Is:
      380 Points From 2,000.
      624 Points from Breaking Kerry Kittles' Men's school record of 2,243 points.
      789 Points From Passing Shelly Pennefather's combined school record of 2,408 Points (national player of the year numbers.)

      Game one is tonight, Expect Scottie to put up big numbers early in the season with a young team around him.  He'll need to do a little better than his career scoring average to surpass Kittles and like I said earlier, he'll need National POY numbers to pass Shelly Pennefather. 

      Wednesday, November 11, 2009

      Villanova-Fairleigh Dickinson Storylines

      Yes, you know it, Basketball Season is upon us.  Villanova will open up the season on Saturday against non conference cupcake Fairleigh Dickinson.  Instead of giving keys for basketball games, I'm simply going to put out some storylines that I think are the most interesting in the leadup to that particular game along with whatever I find interesting that very likely have nothing to do with the game or VU in general.

      Now For our Storylines

      • Jay Bilas You Sly Motherfucker- Jay Bilas either has a bigger man crush on Jay Wright than I do or he just thinks Villanova is really good every year.  Ever since the Randy Foye/Allan Ray team, Jay Bilas has had wood for the Villanova program. Recently on a chat for the four letter word's website, he said that Villanova has "The most explosive guards in the country."  So suck it Dook, not only did we get Taylor King, but Jay Bilas loves us more than you.
      • I was gonna play tonight, but then I got high, I was get out and join the fight but then I got high..  Now I'm sitting out and I know why yea hey.. because I got high because I got high because i got high- Ok, enough of that.  One of the most important factors early in this season is how Villanova plays early in the season without Reggie Redding (especially on defense.)  This game should be a good barometer of that, because while it shouldn't be close, you'll still be able to tell how The 'Cats will be playing defense.
      • The Warden Get's Number 800- We Don't like Syracuse Correctional Center here.  Not only have they produced huge assholes such as Derrick Coleman, Paul Harris, and Eric Devendorf but Jim Boeheim is also a huge asshole. With all that aside though, congratulations Warden Boeheim for win number 800. 
      So the Game against FDU is this Friday night.  Let's go 'Cats!

      Thoughts on Villanova-Towson

      This Saturday, Villanova will make what they hope will be their final road trip of the season to Towson, Maryland to take on the Towson Tigers.  In an ideal world, The 'Cats will take such a royal dump on the Tigers that they won't have to play any starters past the first series of the third quarter.  Annoyingly though, Towson always plays Villanova tight including a frustrating three point game last year at Villanova Stadium; a game that I went to foolishly even though I had the shingles.  Two years ago at Towson, The Tigers also played The 'Cats close, but I do not expect that to be the case this season as Towson does not have a quarterback who is anywhere near as good as their last one. 

      Here's What I think:
      • If it was a different year, I'd call this game a trap game, but I think the talent difference is just too great for that to happen.  Villanova has an experienced team that won't get too up on themselves over a big win such as the one last week against Richmond especially because the game was way too close after how well they played.  
      • I would kind of like to see The 'Cats throw the ball early in the game.  Last week, Chris Whitney proved that he can spread the ball around the field as he had three touchdown passes to three different receivers.  Villanova has been running the ball effectively all season, but C-Dub is far too efficient as a passer to run the ball 80 percent of the time.  Another benefit of throwing the ball more is that it will throw off Delaware's defense for next week as they will have to focus on the run as well as the pass.
      • Villanova cannot afford a close game in this situation.  Ideally it will be a big blowout because struggling in a game like this will be fresh on the minds of the committee members when they're selecting seeds for the playoffs.  If The 'Cats want three guaranteed games on the Main Line instead of traveling to Missoula, Montana in December they will have to this game and be convincing in doing so.  Villanova simply does not draw enough people to games to justify giving them playoff home field advantage unless they are without a doubt one of the top two teams in the nation. 
      • The 'Cats still can't afford to overlook Towson and look toward the game against Delaware.  Going all out until the lead is unmanagable is a must.  The 'Cats have not struggled against any poor teams this season, so I expect them to play well, but they should still be prepared for everything the Tigers throw at them. 
      So The game is on Saturday at 1 PM the game will be on the radio in Philadelphia on 950 ESPN Radio.  Go 'Cats! Beat Towson

      Tuesday, November 10, 2009

      What's My Age Again? Report Calls Mouph's Age into Question

      As you probably know by now, A Sporting News report came out yesterday that suggests that Mouphtaou Yarou is actually 25 years old based on a FIBA website that lists his date of birth as 6/26/1984 or six years older than  his age according to his official bio on Villanova's Athletic Website.  As stated in the article, Villanova doesn't anticipate this article or the FIBA information to be correct as his hometown is spelled incorrectly.  Jay Wright doesn't see this as an issue either as he has cleared Mouph to play in the opener against Fairleigh Dickinson on Friday.

      Hopefully the report is as wrong as I think it is, but in the mean time.

      Chris Whitney Named CAA Co-Offensive Player of the Week

      After this week's 21-20 upset win over Richmond, Chris Whitney, The Villanova Quarterback was named CAA Co-Offensive Player of the week. 

      Here's The Video:

      Congratulations Chris!

      The Towson Preview coming out late tonight and the Villanova-Fairleigh Dickinson Basketball preview will probably be out sometime later in the week (likely tomorrow.)

      Sunday, November 8, 2009

      Villanova-Richmond Recap: End This F*cking game edition

       In case you missed Villanova's 21-20 victory over Richmond yesterday, it was truly a game for the ages.  It had everything from Villanova going up by two touchdowns early to Richmond coming back and scoring 20 consecutive points to take the 20-14 lead with two minutes left only to see Chris Whitney drive The 'Cats down the field to take the 21-20 lead, a drive highlighted by Whitney's 29 yard touchdown to Brandyn Harvey, who made a brilliant one handed catch.  The Spiders looked as if they were not to be outdone as Quarterback Eric Ward drove Richmond down the field only to see Richmond Kicker Andrew Howard missed the potential game winning field goal with only 5 seconds left on the clock.  Perhaps the highlight of the game had nothing to do with either team but rather someone on the Comcast Sportsnet crew:

      Here are my final thoughts and random notes on the Game:
      • Villanova still won even thought they made several mistakes that prevented them from putting the game away.  Examples of this include a Chris Whitney interception in the red zone that was returned 70 yards to set up a Richmond touchdown.  Also included was a missed field goal after a Richmond goal line stand that would have totally changed the complexion of the game and could have broken the Spirits of the Richmond players and Crowd early on in the game.  
      • Chris Whitney has proven yet again that he can throw the ball to win games, he just usually doesn't have to.  He has a stable of talented wide receivers that he can sling the rock to.  
      • Dorian Wells had his best game yet at Villanova, a game that included his first career touchdown and several clutch catches.
      • Matt Szczur continues to prove that he's the best all around player in the CAA and the best all around athlete at Villanova since Brian Westbrook.  After 9 games Szczur is leading the league in all purpose yards.
      • This was unquestionably the biggest road win of the Andy Talley era. 
      • Villanova has beaten a team Ranked #1 in two consecutive seasons.  In both cases, Richmond was the #1 team Villanova beat.  Before last season's win over Richmond, Villanova never had a win over a #1 team.
      • Brandyn Harvey may be the best Villanova Wide Receiver since Brian Finneran.  He's had the misfortune of playing for run first teams but had he been in Finneran's offensive style, I'm fairly sure he'd have 1,000 at this point in the season.  
      • With eight wins this season, Villanova has almost definitely clinched a playoff berth for the second consecutive season.  Unless the committee rapes us, this is the first time since the 1996 and 1997 seasons that Villanova will have gone to the Playoffs in consecutive seasons. 
      Next Saturday's game is at Towson.  The 'Cats have won their last two against The Tigers who are absolutely awful.  Villanova controls it's own destiny to clinch at least a share of the CAA title.  If Villanova wins next week and UNH loses at William and Mary, Villanova will go into the final game of the regular season against Delaware with control of the CAA automatic bid and a top four seed that will likely accompany it.

      Friday, November 6, 2009

      Fact's Player By Player Season Preview

      Basketball Season is finally nearing it's start and if you're like me, it can not come soon enough. The 'Cats are looking to make a return trip to the final four for the first time in school history. Jay Wright and his staff are hoping that the blue chip recruiting class they hauled in will not only be able to offset the losses of Dante Cunningham and Dwayne Anderson but also take on increased responsibility early due to Reggie Redding being suspended for the beginning of the season as a result of his possession of a green leafy substance.

      In this entry, I'll be giving my (uneducated) expectations for players on the team who have a chance to contribute (the players will be listed in approximately their spot in the rotation to start the season.)  Come January, I'll do a mid season edition that will be both a second half season preview and grades for the first

      • Scottie Reynolds- In three seasons on the Main Line, Scottie has already cemented his spot in Villanova history. His scoring output and NCAA tournament heroics already give him the case to be one of the greatest players ever to play on the corner of Lancaster and Ithan and this year Scottie can put himself on a plateau all by himself as he has a realistic chance of becoming Villanova's all time leading scorer in Men's basketball and an outside chance of becoming the school's all time leader among Men and Women combined. With 1620 points in his career heading into the season, Scottie is 380 points away from 2,000, 624 points away from breaking Kerry Kittles' Men's scoring record of 2,243 and 789 to break the combined mark of 2,408 points set by "Sister" Shelly Pennefather. My prediction for this season: 17-20 PPG 3.5-5 APG
      • Corey Fisher- To me, Fish is an enigma. When he's good, he can dominate a game, but sometimes he just makes mind blowingly shitty decisions. When Fisher sees a lane to the hoop he attacks it like a smaller, dumber Dwyane Wade. Fortunately for Fish, he has a better taste in women than D-Wade (and as far as I know, Fish doesn't have herpes Enough of that though.. I think Fish will score 11-13 points a game and dish out 4-6 assists a game. 
      • Corey Stokes- Stokes possesses the prettiest looking jump shot I've ever seen outside of Ray Allen but just because it's pretty doesn't mean that it's going to go in. Stokes' range and raw shooting ability are matched by few others but it varies from as cold as his brother Bizz's rhymes to as hot as The Voice's mother. If he keeps taking shots, the chances are he's going to make some but I'd like to develop some moves so he can get to the hoop because he's usually bigger than the guys who are guarding him.  This year, he'll have to take on an expanded defensive role during the early season until Reggie comes back and if he plays solid defense (he's been improving), it bodes well for his future. I'm thinking Stokes is good for 8-15 points a game (wide range because of how streaky he can be) and not much on the rebounding or assists fronts.
      • Antonio Pena- To be quite frank, when I heard about Reggie getting Busted for pot, my first thoughts were "why couldn't it have been Pena?" Antonio has been around for a couple of years and frankly I've lost patience. He's the typical "looks like Tarzan plays like Jane type of player." If he could translate any of his athletic ability to the basketball court, he might be good but I don't see any of the tendencies that a young Dante Cunningham showed (work ethic, intelligence, killer instinct.) I don't expect much from Tone and to be honest and I wouldn't doubt if he's buried on the bench for much of the year if Mouph comes out strong and Taylor King becomes too good to leave on the bench. That being said, I wouldn't mind in the least to be proven wrong.  I expect 6-8 points and 5-7 boards a game from Tone, hopefully he gives more than that.  
      • Mouphtaou Yarou- I can't lie, I love me some big men (no homo.)  When I was young, I wanted desperately to be a post man.  I worked on my post moves, practiced my "sky" hook, and took way too many (accidental) elbows to the face from much taller people.  I thought I was going to be the next Bill Walton (except the whole batshit crazy part.) In my opinion and the opinions of people who know way more about basketball than me, Mouph has the potential to be a pretty big deal and the hype is showing as there is already a secret society on campus of which he is the namesake. Villanova has not had a true big man since Malik Allen graduated a decade ago. The big man was the only thing lacking in both 2006 and last year's final four run. If Mouph, stays healthy and listens to Frank Tchuisi (about everything except basketball) he has the chance to be a special player, which is why Jay traveled all the way to Benin to meet his family. The original plan for Mouph was to start the season on the bench and then work him into the starting lineup during the lead-in to Big East conference play, but Cheech's Reggie's suspension will force him into the starting lineup earlier than anticipated. Let's hope that the early exposure in games helps his development rather than hampers it. Any offensive production would be nice, but what I really want is for him to control the glass as well as contest and block shots. Villanova hasn't had a shot blocker since Jason Lawson graduated in 1997.  6-8 points a game, 5-7 boards and about 1-1.5 blocked shots a game are what I expect from Mouph as a freshman.  
      Reserves and others after the Jump

      Thursday, November 5, 2009

      So, uhh the Kutztown Exhibition Game Preview?

      Ok, so, I don't really think this preview is necessary, but after the whole Le Moyne over Syracuse thing happened I guess we might as well talk about it. Tonight, Villanova opens up with an Exhibition game against Kutztown at 7:00 at the Wachovia Center. This game should be an absolute joke, but just in case I decided to do a little research on Kutztown's Golden Bears. Kutztown won 28 games last year in Division 2, where they are ranked 16th in the nation. They were also picked to finish first in the PSAC in the conference's preseason poll. While this all really shouldn't matter considering that Kutztown is D2 and should be a push over, they do have a pretty good team. As Syracuse proved, shit happens, and this Kutztown team is a much better team than the Le Moyne team that beat the Orange. On the other hand just because Syracuse sucks doesn't mean we are going to blow it against a ridiculously inferior opponent. With that said, here is Fact's favorite part of blogging:

      The Keys to the Game

      1. Play Villanova Basketball and don't let our ego get in the way. Thats it. Just play our game and don't think about how shitty Kutztown is, if we go in there cocky, thats when things could turn bad. We are a great team, but we just need to make sure we keep our egos in check. Just ask Kanye about his really big "ego" sometimes "it's too big, it's too wide, it's too strong, it won't fit..."

      P.S. There are times I seriously just write a blog on here just so I can post a video that I want to.

      P.P.S.This is one of those times.

      Tuesday, November 3, 2009

      Thoughts On Villanova-Richmond

      This Saturday, The Villanova Football Team will travel below the Mason-Dixon line take on defending National Champion and number one ranked Richmond in a battle that could determine home field advantage throughout the playoffs. Richmond is undefeated so far this season with a win over 1-A Duke. Villanova won last year's matchup on the Main Line against Richmond who were ranked number one at the time.

      Here are my thoughts:

      • Villanova is coming off a much needed bye week in which they were able to rest some players who were hurt including starters Marquis Kirkland and Brian Brannigan and second string running back Angelo Babbaro. Richmond demolished CAA minnow Towson last week to continue their winning ways. It is imperative that The 'Cats do not come out flat on Saturday because they are playing a team that at the vey least is their equal.

      • In order to win, Villanova must establish a running game against a stout Richmond defense. Villanova is leading the CAA in rushing offense but Richmond is second in the league in rushing defense so something must give. I expect the coaching staff to attempt to run out of multiple formations and run the ball with as many different players as possible.

      • Chris Whitney has been outstanding this season both running and passing the football. Through eight games he only has two interceptions (one was a desperation heave) and he is leading the team in rushing. He has to be on his game again this saturday because Richmond's defense is the real deal. He also needs to be kept off his ass which means he has to get rid of the ball in a hurry and the offensive line needs to protect him.

      • On defense Terrence Thomas, Tim Kukucka and company need to make Richmond Quarterback Eric Ward feel uncomfortable like they did in last year's victory on the Main Line. If he doesn't have time to throw, it takes pressure off the secondary and makes it easier to stop Richmond Running Back Justin Forte who is the CAA's leader in Rushing.
      So that's that, and let's go 'Cats! The game is on Comcast Sportsnet at 3:30 on Saturday.