Friday, November 27, 2009

The Favored Son Versus The Bastard Child: Villanova-LaSalle Preview

 Tom Gola Will not be playing tomorrow

In recent years, LaSalle has been far and away the worst team in the Big Five.  In fact, LaSalle is the only team in the Big Five that has not made the NCAA tournament this decade.  I don't see that changing any time soon when they have to compete against Temple and St. Joe's for recruits (it's like picking between the electric chair, lethal injection and the gas chamber.)  If you expect

What Should Happen: Villanova should cruise to victory as they are simply better than The Explorers.

What Most Likely Will Happen: Villanova will allow LaSalle to stay in the game for too long.

If Villanova Wins: They will need two more wins to prove they are the Daddy of the Big Five for yet another year.

If Villanova Loses: I recommend Mass Suicide.  Just drink the Kool-Aid before me.

Scottie Needs: 554 Points

If you go to the game tomorrow, I'd like to encourage you to show up a few hours early and at least show up to see some of the Villanova Football Team's first round playoff game against Holy Cross.  As I said earlier today, the team we have this year is special.  Don't let the year pass by without going to at least one game.  Kickoff is at noon.  Peace out and Go 'Cats

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