Friday, November 27, 2009

Football- Why This Team is Special: Seventh Floor Crew Edition

Heading into the Playoffs, The Villanova Football Team has already achieved something that has never happened in the long history of the program: two straight ten win seasons.  I have been going to games for over half my life and after the Delaware game I came to the conclusion that this team has something about it that cannot be measured on a stat sheet or from a scoreline.  They have intangibles out the ass to go along with the tremendous talent up and down the roster.  In short: they know how to win football games.  Perhaps it's a shitty comparison, but when I see similarities between the swagger this team shows on the field and the legendary swagger shown by the thugtastic teams from The U earlier this decade.  One thing I can promise, you won't see a lewd and unintelligent (yet awesome) rap song come from the Villanova Football Team.  One thing I can guarantee is that The Villanova Football Team (in its entirety) don't mean to disrespect any women (in its entirety.)


I really Just Wanted an excuse to post this.. sorry

 If you listened to that entire song and are still reading my blog, thank you very much.  You basically wasted nine (awesome) minutes of your life that you will never get back and did so just because i suggested it.
Anyways, here is why I think this team is special:

  • Intangibles- This team can win a game in any way.  They can blow a team out or they can win a game ugly, They can win on the road or at home and they play hard every single week.  Whether this is a function of the coaches or simply a veteran football team, something is going right.  Led by Mr. Intangible himself, Chris Whitney, Villanova will always give you a knock down, drag out, balls to the wall game that won't end until the final whistle of the game. 
  • Offensive Firepower- Intangibles are nice, but they don't put points on the board.  The bread and butter of this team on offense is Chris Whitney's ability to keep defenses honest because of his running ability.  That in turn gives other play makers the opportunity to make things happen.  Brandyn Harvey has been the chief beneficiary of Whitney's passes and Matt Szczur does so many things, that he gives opposing defenses Agita.  Combine those two with the ability of Aaron Ball at Running back and the ability of the offensive line to block and you have an offense that can light up the scoreboard in many ways.  
  • Defensive Might- In the last three years Villanova has rewritten the identity of their football program.  In past years, the teams with explosive offenses were held back by the fact that the defense didn't hold up it's end of the bargain. Now, Villanova's identity is focused more towards the dominant defense than it's explosive offense.  Predicated on it's aggressiveness, The VU defense first neutralizes the running game, then tees off on the opposing quarterback.  This defense's ability to stop the run bodes well for the coming games as it should be poor conditions to throw the ball at Villanova Stadium.
  • Special Teams- I'm not going to say that Special Teams are a third of the game, but they have been key to the success The 'Cats have had this season because they almost always seem to get good field position.  Freshman Kicker Nick Yako has been improving every week and he has a hell of a leg.  Punter Dominic Scarnecchia, although not pretty to watch has been surprisingly effective and he has also been improving as he has been getting more distance and hang time on his punts.  The real strong suit of Villanova's special teams though is Matt Szczur.  Teams are terrified to kick the ball deep to Szczur, so they end up settling for a short, high kick or a kick to the upback which usually ends up past the 40 yard line after the return.  
There are more things, but if you watched the 7th Floor Crew, I don't want to be an ass and go on forever.

Make any attempt you can to go to the Game on Saturday.. Especially if you have tickets to the basketball game after.  Kickoff is at noon.  Let's Go 'Cats!

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