Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Where Does Chris Whitney Stack Up?

 Chris Whitney has already done something that no Villanova quarterback in the history of the program has done, lead his team to two straight ten win seasons.  I've been following Villanova Football since the magical 1997 Season and Chris Whitney may have already cemented himself as the greatest quarterback I've seen since 1997.  Think about this: Chris Whitney has never lost a game to an opponent ranked outside the Top 15 and has lost a total of one game at home in his entire career.    It's impossible to make an empirical argument for Whitney because his numbers (especially passing) are nowhere near the other two quarterbacks he'd be up against Brett Gordon and Chris Boden.  Ultimately though, the only number that truly matters for a quarterback is the bottom line: Wins and Losses.  When all is said and done, Whitney will have won more games than both of those other quarterbacks and if he wins a national championship, there is no room for question at that point. 

Chris Whitney is a Tough SOB and he deserves any accolades he gets because he's the straw that stirs the Villanova drink.  

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  1. He is by far the best QB that ever played for Vilanova football!