Thursday, November 19, 2009

Have You Seen This Asshole?

 Kurt Charles "K.C." Keeler 

Wanted For: 
Fraud, Questionable use of Sunglasses and Suspicion of Buggery 

Keeler, The Head Football Coach Of The University of Delaware is frequently seen with his head up the ass of quarterbacks at BCS schools.  Known for his signature sunglasses (which are too small for his HUGE  fiveforehead) and his tendency to attempt to justify his team's mediocre season.  Mr. Keeler is surrounded by some dangerous Motherfuckers, including one arrested for stabbing himself.  If you see him take no risks and do not approach him unless it is with the hood of your car.  Mr. Keeler is surrounded by over 50 young men with brains the size of peanuts who know not the difference between their ass and a hole in the ground. Recent intelligence indicates that he may be the bitch in a violent BDSM session at the Hands of Mistress 'Nova this Saturday November 21st. 

Extreme Caution Should Be Used especially with your horses because judging by his elongated Skull he is at least half horse.  If your horses are not in a secure location they will be penetrated.

Remember Mr. Ed Keeler.. Nay means Nay


  1. And this is supposed to be....?

  2. The Head Coach of Delaware Football