Monday, November 30, 2009

It's a Good Day To Be a Villanova Fan

Yes friends it is a good day to be a Villanova fan.  The Football team beat Holy Cross 38-28 and is headed to the quarterfinals of the playoffs for the second straight year, The Men's basketball team beat LaSalle handily and the Women's basketball team won a tournament in Chattanooga. (good omen?) I'm going to just meld all of my bullshit into one super awesome post rather than waste my time and write the equivalent of a novella on something that could be accomplished in much less than that.  Plus.. nobody reads this shitty blog anyway, not even my friends.

Here's My Take on the Day In Villanova Sports

  • I hate bitching about officiating, but there was some bullshit going on by the men in stripes.  It Seemed every time Villanova had a chance to stop Holy Cross and finally put the game away, a flag was thrown.  It was annoying to say the least, I'm not going to get into too much detail, but it was definitely fishy.
  • There is no better way to say it, Chris Whitney is a fucking winner.  Not only did he have one of the best games of his career passing the ball, but he ran for 60 yards to go along with it.  He and Matt Szczur (all hail Szczur) were in sync the entire game as Szczur ended up with 130 yards receiving plus 55 rushing yards and a rushing touchdown.  Aaron Ball also toted the rock well as he finished with 99 yards on the ground and a touchdown.
  • Holy Cross' Quarterback Dominic Randolph is the truth.  He absolutely shredded the Villanova defense (especially in the first half.)  Look for him when it comes time for the NFL Draft.
  • The Men's Basketball team looks like it's finally getting it's shit together. Early Season MVP: Antonio Pena.  Villanova has not had a consistent low post scorer since the failed Michael Bradley experiment toward the end of the also failed Steve Lappas experiment.
  • Sighting at The Football Game: St. Patrick High School (Fish, Nardi, Al Harrington and Marcus "Big Dog" Austin to name a few) Coach Kevin Boyle.  Word on the street is that his daughter is a cheerleader (I hope she isn't one of the beasts.)
  • The Women's Basketball Team winning the finals of their tournament over hosts UT-Chattanooga has to be a good Omen (right??)  Hopefully another Villanova team will be playing in Chatty in a few weeks (for those of you retards in the audience, the correct answer is Football.)  Please at least try to go to at least one women's game this season.. The team barely gets any support from the students and Harry Perretta, the coach is worth the (cheap) price of admission (free for students.)
  • The reported attendance for the game was a load of dookie.  There were closer to eight thousand people there than the 4300 listed.
  • I'm really hoping for a win against UNH on Saturday and then a matchup against SIU the following week.  I have some personal ties to The Salukis that I'll revisit if necessary. 
  • Matt Szczur- Baseball sucks, you're better at Football.. Please don't leave Villanova.
  • The BCS sucks, but they made a website to try to prove otherwise. Well they failed to convince me. 
That's about it.. Oh yeah, Jason Colenda isn't on the basketball team anymore.  Big Fucking Deal, it's not like he's going to do anything anyways. 


  1. I was listening to the Holy Cross radio feed of the football game, and (kind of hilariously) their announcers were complaining that the refs were giving 'Nova all the breaks. Ridiculous.

  2. Why was Bradley a failed experiment? Team was ehh but he was a bright spot.

  3. I realize that you were probably in diapers when Michael Bradley played, but he was the real deal. Maybe you should look at his stats before talking smack. He was drafted 17th overall in the 2001 NBA draft and played eight seasons (injury plagued) in the League before going over seas. He is one of Nova's all-time great players. Not to mention that he was a really nice guy too. It's one thing to give Tone props, it's another to do it at the expense of a Nova great.

  4. Michael Bradley played for one year and then Jumped ship.. How can you call him "A Nova Great??" I'll agree, he had one of the all time great seasons by a Villanova player but that doesn't change the fact that he set us a couple seasons behind in recruiting, same thing goes for Tim Thomas. At Least Tim Thomas has given back to Villanova since he left. Bradley was nothing but a tenant and in my mind he (and his crazy father) will never be full fledged Villanova Wildcats. I was old enough to remember that team and teams before him. If we didn't get Michael Bradley, we could have had someone else who would stick around for at least three years.

  5. @Brian There was a play where Brandyn Harvey's forward progress was clearly stopped and he happened to cough up the football after it had stopped which the HC fans are making a huge stink of.. Garbage in my mind. They called several phantom penalties.