Friday, November 13, 2009

Scottie Watch: Preseason Edition

I'm big into stats, They have less worth than the intangibles, but they're still interesting to follow. With a big season this year, Scottie Reynolds has an opportunity to be the most prolific scorer in Villanova history.  It's already very likely that Scottie will end up with a more prolific scoring career than Randy Foye (who finished with less career points than teammate Allan Ray,) but with a big season he can pass Kerry Kittles to become Villanova's all time leading scorer in Men's Basketball. At this point Scottie has 1620 points and is within striking distance of some big time scoring milestones.

Scottie Is:
380 Points From 2,000.
624 Points from Breaking Kerry Kittles' Men's school record of 2,243 points.
789 Points From Passing Shelly Pennefather's combined school record of 2,408 Points (national player of the year numbers.)

Game one is tonight, Expect Scottie to put up big numbers early in the season with a young team around him.  He'll need to do a little better than his career scoring average to surpass Kittles and like I said earlier, he'll need National POY numbers to pass Shelly Pennefather. 


  1. If Scottie scores 789 points this year, I'll suck my own dick.

  2. That's Confidence.. I expect visual evidence if he does score 789. Can you handle that?

  3. I once bet my friend that he couldn't put up 100 points against me in Madden. If he did I had to suck his dick. He did. I owe him a blowjob.