Thursday, November 5, 2009

So, uhh the Kutztown Exhibition Game Preview?

Ok, so, I don't really think this preview is necessary, but after the whole Le Moyne over Syracuse thing happened I guess we might as well talk about it. Tonight, Villanova opens up with an Exhibition game against Kutztown at 7:00 at the Wachovia Center. This game should be an absolute joke, but just in case I decided to do a little research on Kutztown's Golden Bears. Kutztown won 28 games last year in Division 2, where they are ranked 16th in the nation. They were also picked to finish first in the PSAC in the conference's preseason poll. While this all really shouldn't matter considering that Kutztown is D2 and should be a push over, they do have a pretty good team. As Syracuse proved, shit happens, and this Kutztown team is a much better team than the Le Moyne team that beat the Orange. On the other hand just because Syracuse sucks doesn't mean we are going to blow it against a ridiculously inferior opponent. With that said, here is Fact's favorite part of blogging:

The Keys to the Game

1. Play Villanova Basketball and don't let our ego get in the way. Thats it. Just play our game and don't think about how shitty Kutztown is, if we go in there cocky, thats when things could turn bad. We are a great team, but we just need to make sure we keep our egos in check. Just ask Kanye about his really big "ego" sometimes "it's too big, it's too wide, it's too strong, it won't fit..."

P.S. There are times I seriously just write a blog on here just so I can post a video that I want to.

P.P.S.This is one of those times.

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