Saturday, November 21, 2009

Thoughts Early on a Saturday

Big Day For Villanova Football Today, big win for VU BBall yesterday.  I figured I would just go down and give general two sport list to give you a barometer on how I'm feeling (like you really want to know.)

  • Tone is playing the best basketball of his career.  He's currently averaging a double-double and hasn't grabbed less than seven boards in a game yet this season.  I doubted you before the season, but it looks like you're proving me wrong.. I'm glad.
  • According to The Voice, Mouph is hopeful that he'll be cleared to travel with the team soon.  At least one tests may have also been false positives. 
  • I wouldn't doubt if if Fish leads the team in scoring this year.
  • Matt Szczur won't be donating Bone Marrow until January, and that makes him available for every game of the playoffs.  I wouldn't have minded him sitting out to save the life of a girl, especially one as young as a year old.  
  • My dad does not like the post about K.C. Keeler, go figure. 
  • When you're drunk, nothing hits the spot like a cheeseburger and copious amounts of french fries.
  • I still don't think that we're as good as people say we are.. but I'll take it.  
  • My friend went on a drunken tirade about how he hates the president.  He had a true Glenn Beck moment.
  • In football however, I think we're just as good as people say, maybe better.
  • The average Delaware fan hates Villanova.  The average Villanova fan could give a shit about Delaware.  
  • I'd also like to thank the guys from IBBW for hopping on the Mouph/medical story.  Those guys do a good job over there and even though we (Matsuflex) got into a bit of a scrum earlier this year, they're alright.
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