Monday, November 23, 2009

Thoughts On a Monday: Police Incompetence Edition

This is by no means a slow week for Villanova Sports.  To start off, the Football team received the Number two overall seed for the playoffs yesterday and the Basketball team won their tourney in Puerto Rico.  More recently, the women's Cross Country team locked up a national championship!

Here are some Potpourri things:

  • Matt Szczur received CAA Offensive and Special Teams Player of the Year awardsAndy Talley was Named Coach of the Year and fellow 'Cats Chris Whitney, Ben Ijalana, Tim Kukucka and Terrence Thomas joined Szcur on the CAA first team.  
  • Holy Cross has a quarterback who might eventually be Playing in the NFL.  Stopping him means beating HC.
  • Who is this man and what has he done With Antonio Pena? Tone is playing like a bonafide superstar right now on both sides of the floor.  Maybe he had a brain transplant. 
  • Nice to see Scottie have a good game, we're going to need him this year with the young team we have.. Maybe this will give him some confidence. 
  • Hopefully the fact that we have a football and basketball game on the same day could help bring more people (especially students) to the game against Holy Cross.
  • It's very sad to see that Northeastern dropped their football program.  I feel for the true fans of Northeastern football and especially the players and coaches who put in so much of their time only to see it get taken away from them. 
  • The Radnor Police Department really needs to find something better to do than send half of their manpower to break up a house party.  Apparently asking a question amounts to disorderly conduct.  At this point i like cops about as much as these guysACAB
  • Real Nova may be the greatest intramural soccer team in history.  Their reign should last for at least a thousand more years. 
  • I love running, not the physical act.. but the sport.  I'm very glad that Villanova is becoming a power in track again.  It makes my dad happy.
  • More Proof KC Keeler is a horsefucker: Calling a timeout after three straight kneel downs.  He's lucky Andy Talley is a class act because I would have kicked his ass if he had done that.  It was a perfect act of poor sportsmanship
  • I'm really feeling Jurassic 5 right now.  IT's brilliant rap that doesn't have to be ridiculous to work, it's just good old school hip hop. 
  • Sarah Palin is really starting to annoy me, but so is the media's hard on for anyone who is willing to take her on.  The election is almost three years away but MSNBC is obsessed with shooting down anyone who could possibly take on Barry Obama.. newsflash Keith Olbermann.. it's not going to be Sarah Palin.
  • The Giants finally won but should still fire their defensive coordinator.
  • I love UConn for beating Notre Dame.  I love Temple for making us looks good.
That's all i have to say for now because i'm ready to see some some intramural footy tonight.