Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thoughts on Villanova-Towson

This Saturday, Villanova will make what they hope will be their final road trip of the season to Towson, Maryland to take on the Towson Tigers.  In an ideal world, The 'Cats will take such a royal dump on the Tigers that they won't have to play any starters past the first series of the third quarter.  Annoyingly though, Towson always plays Villanova tight including a frustrating three point game last year at Villanova Stadium; a game that I went to foolishly even though I had the shingles.  Two years ago at Towson, The Tigers also played The 'Cats close, but I do not expect that to be the case this season as Towson does not have a quarterback who is anywhere near as good as their last one. 

Here's What I think:
  • If it was a different year, I'd call this game a trap game, but I think the talent difference is just too great for that to happen.  Villanova has an experienced team that won't get too up on themselves over a big win such as the one last week against Richmond especially because the game was way too close after how well they played.  
  • I would kind of like to see The 'Cats throw the ball early in the game.  Last week, Chris Whitney proved that he can spread the ball around the field as he had three touchdown passes to three different receivers.  Villanova has been running the ball effectively all season, but C-Dub is far too efficient as a passer to run the ball 80 percent of the time.  Another benefit of throwing the ball more is that it will throw off Delaware's defense for next week as they will have to focus on the run as well as the pass.
  • Villanova cannot afford a close game in this situation.  Ideally it will be a big blowout because struggling in a game like this will be fresh on the minds of the committee members when they're selecting seeds for the playoffs.  If The 'Cats want three guaranteed games on the Main Line instead of traveling to Missoula, Montana in December they will have to this game and be convincing in doing so.  Villanova simply does not draw enough people to games to justify giving them playoff home field advantage unless they are without a doubt one of the top two teams in the nation. 
  • The 'Cats still can't afford to overlook Towson and look toward the game against Delaware.  Going all out until the lead is unmanagable is a must.  The 'Cats have not struggled against any poor teams this season, so I expect them to play well, but they should still be prepared for everything the Tigers throw at them. 
So The game is on Saturday at 1 PM the game will be on the radio in Philadelphia on 950 ESPN Radio.  Go 'Cats! Beat Towson

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