Monday, November 30, 2009

Villanova-Drexel Preview: Philly Champs Versus The Big 5's Retarded Cousin

Three years ago I witnessed firsthand one of the most depressing Villanova losses in memory and it still stings to this day to think about that game.  Bruiser Flint brought in his Drexel Dragons and beat Villanova at The Pavillion.  I remember walking back to my room that night thinking that The Golden Age of Villanova Basketball was over, Allan Ray, Randy Foye and Kyle Lowry were gone and were not going to be replaced by the new crop of freshmen.  Thank Joe Pesci that I was wrong, because three years after that game, The Golden Age of Villanova Basketball is still cruising down the interstate at 100 MPH.  One name that I will never forget is Frank Elegar not only for his performance in that game, but his taunting of Villanova students on Facebook afterward.  Luckily, that game was a long time ago and Bilal Benn is no longer able to cough the ball up at mid court for The 'Cats (that's Niagara's problem.)  I don't have too much to work with on Drexel, all I know is that they lost to those cunts at St. Blow's (who lost to Rider tonight.  Anything less than a decisive Villanova victory is simply unacceptable. 

If Villanova Wins- Big Fucking Deal, We're supposed to win.

If Villanova Loses- The Call for a Mass Suicide in the event of a Villanova loss is still in effect for this game. 

It Makes Me Happy When- St. Joe's loses to a team from The MAAC, especially when that School is my Mother's Alma Mater

It Makes Me Sad When- I find out that Mouph is probably out for the year.  Fucking Sub-Saharan Africa.

Scottie Needs: 540 Points to pass Kerry Kittles.

Alright bitches, that's enough for tonight.. I'll probably have something else to say about this game come gameday.


  1. you call us bitches but you're the one that paints your toenails pink and wakes up in cold sweats at night because of the excitment that adam lambert brings to your tiny, maldeveloped penis did i find this site

    joe s.
    drexel '08

  2. Way to spell "excitement" Joe S.
    Hard to take you seriously, loser.

    Fruit Loops
    Real Man Radio