Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Villanova-Fairleigh Dickinson Storylines

Yes, you know it, Basketball Season is upon us.  Villanova will open up the season on Saturday against non conference cupcake Fairleigh Dickinson.  Instead of giving keys for basketball games, I'm simply going to put out some storylines that I think are the most interesting in the leadup to that particular game along with whatever I find interesting that very likely have nothing to do with the game or VU in general.

Now For our Storylines

  • Jay Bilas You Sly Motherfucker- Jay Bilas either has a bigger man crush on Jay Wright than I do or he just thinks Villanova is really good every year.  Ever since the Randy Foye/Allan Ray team, Jay Bilas has had wood for the Villanova program. Recently on a chat for the four letter word's website, he said that Villanova has "The most explosive guards in the country."  So suck it Dook, not only did we get Taylor King, but Jay Bilas loves us more than you.
  • I was gonna play tonight, but then I got high, I was get out and join the fight but then I got high..  Now I'm sitting out and I know why yea hey.. because I got high because I got high because i got high- Ok, enough of that.  One of the most important factors early in this season is how Villanova plays early in the season without Reggie Redding (especially on defense.)  This game should be a good barometer of that, because while it shouldn't be close, you'll still be able to tell how The 'Cats will be playing defense.
  • The Warden Get's Number 800- We Don't like Syracuse Correctional Center here.  Not only have they produced huge assholes such as Derrick Coleman, Paul Harris, and Eric Devendorf but Jim Boeheim is also a huge asshole. With all that aside though, congratulations Warden Boeheim for win number 800. 
So the Game against FDU is this Friday night.  Let's go 'Cats!


  1. word on the street is jim boeheim is a huge asshole with a huge cock. i'm not saying, but i'm just saying.