Sunday, November 8, 2009

Villanova-Richmond Recap: End This F*cking game edition

 In case you missed Villanova's 21-20 victory over Richmond yesterday, it was truly a game for the ages.  It had everything from Villanova going up by two touchdowns early to Richmond coming back and scoring 20 consecutive points to take the 20-14 lead with two minutes left only to see Chris Whitney drive The 'Cats down the field to take the 21-20 lead, a drive highlighted by Whitney's 29 yard touchdown to Brandyn Harvey, who made a brilliant one handed catch.  The Spiders looked as if they were not to be outdone as Quarterback Eric Ward drove Richmond down the field only to see Richmond Kicker Andrew Howard missed the potential game winning field goal with only 5 seconds left on the clock.  Perhaps the highlight of the game had nothing to do with either team but rather someone on the Comcast Sportsnet crew:

Here are my final thoughts and random notes on the Game:
  • Villanova still won even thought they made several mistakes that prevented them from putting the game away.  Examples of this include a Chris Whitney interception in the red zone that was returned 70 yards to set up a Richmond touchdown.  Also included was a missed field goal after a Richmond goal line stand that would have totally changed the complexion of the game and could have broken the Spirits of the Richmond players and Crowd early on in the game.  
  • Chris Whitney has proven yet again that he can throw the ball to win games, he just usually doesn't have to.  He has a stable of talented wide receivers that he can sling the rock to.  
  • Dorian Wells had his best game yet at Villanova, a game that included his first career touchdown and several clutch catches.
  • Matt Szczur continues to prove that he's the best all around player in the CAA and the best all around athlete at Villanova since Brian Westbrook.  After 9 games Szczur is leading the league in all purpose yards.
  • This was unquestionably the biggest road win of the Andy Talley era. 
  • Villanova has beaten a team Ranked #1 in two consecutive seasons.  In both cases, Richmond was the #1 team Villanova beat.  Before last season's win over Richmond, Villanova never had a win over a #1 team.
  • Brandyn Harvey may be the best Villanova Wide Receiver since Brian Finneran.  He's had the misfortune of playing for run first teams but had he been in Finneran's offensive style, I'm fairly sure he'd have 1,000 at this point in the season.  
  • With eight wins this season, Villanova has almost definitely clinched a playoff berth for the second consecutive season.  Unless the committee rapes us, this is the first time since the 1996 and 1997 seasons that Villanova will have gone to the Playoffs in consecutive seasons. 
Next Saturday's game is at Towson.  The 'Cats have won their last two against The Tigers who are absolutely awful.  Villanova controls it's own destiny to clinch at least a share of the CAA title.  If Villanova wins next week and UNH loses at William and Mary, Villanova will go into the final game of the regular season against Delaware with control of the CAA automatic bid and a top four seed that will likely accompany it.


  1. some guy must have lost his job. The bold writing does a good job of accentuating your ego

  2. Great analysis fact -- you nailed it

    And to Anon. at 1:33 pm -- you mean you haven't figured out that names are bolded?...including Comcast?

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