Monday, December 28, 2009

Behold the Glory-National Championship Highlight Film

This Morning, I stumbled across this video and I just had to post it.  Thanks to SeanDon, creator of just about every awesome Villanova video ever made.  The Theme from Armageddon  really adds to the mood and frankly it makes me pumped up. 

It almost brings a tear to my eye.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas, Bitches

Hope everyone's having a great Christmas. I think Pope Benedict might be feeling a little sore after this hit last night:

I think Andy Talley needs to make a visit to this bitch's house. I mean look at that speed around the end and the way she finishes the tackle. Seriously, sign her up, shes good for at least 5 sacks a year. Plus she's in a church, so she's probably looking for that good catholic education Villanova can provide her with. Get a commitment from this bitch and Andy Talley will be wearing a second ring come next December.

P.s. I give the Pontiff props for taking the punishment, shaking it off and getting right back up again, his team's going to need him out there for third and long after that play for a loss.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

"sports is the best thing to happen since do dirty" - Shane Clark

It looks like a Mugshot
A friend of mine recently uncovered webpages that well known Villanova athletes made years ago for computer science class.  These pages happen to reinforce just about every stereotype on earth.  Just for shits, I've decided to share these with the rest of the world in a weekly segment until they run out.  The Athlete in question this week is Shane Clark

What We've Learned This Week:
  • Shane likes cats because they are "soft" "cute" and "fun to rub down on."  By cats, Darkness may have been talking about jersey chasing basketball sluts.
  • He also really likes money, as he lists money as one of his five favorite things and counting money as one of his hobbies.  I never had enough money to count.
  • Shane likes to draw.. I wonder if he colors in between the lines. 
What a gem.. Where did we get this guy?

V for Villanova, FU for ESPN

This kid is at the game and even he knows the ESPN announcers suck.

I think this kid has what it takes to be the official unofficial mascot of Villanova Basketball in about 10 years, reminds me of my young blue self.

100 bucks says that dad quickly realized he too was on tv and finished that beating at home.

In other news, I didn't see any of the game or gamecast tonight, but after reading the recap I'm going to say that was a solid win. I know its only Delaware, but a win is a win. Another thing to note: God damn did I miss Reggie Redding (or should say "Jah damn" in Reggie's case), its looking like things are coming together now that he's back in the lineup.

I'll leave you with this:
I like dogs because you can do alot of things with them to have fun also because some of them are mean and aggressive.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Does Villanova Football Have The Tools in Place To Repeat?

It's Championship or bust in 2010
I know that next Football season is way far away, but I think it is interesting to address whether or not Villanova has what it takes to repeat as Champions.  One of the big questions regarding a repeat is whether or not Matt Szczur returns for his senior season.  If Szczur does return, that should make Villanova a near unanimous preseason number one selection as they return so many starters on both sides of the ball.   In total, Villanova will definitely lose seven starters, a fairly managable number when you consider the high volume of returning players with starting experience of some kind.  In Short: I do think Villanova has the talent in place to make yet another run at a national title.   

Now I'll go position by position to give the state of the team for next year. 

Quarterback- With a career record of 25-5 and a National Championship under his belt, Chris Whitney may already be the Greatest Quarterback Villanova has had in the Andy Talley era.  The mere fact that he is returning makes The 'Cats a contender for another National Championship.  Not only was Whitney the team's leading rusher this season with almost 1,000 yards, but he demonstrated this season that when needed, he can lead the team to victory throwing the ball.  The backup situation takes a hit with the graduation of Antwon Young but next year's backup Chris Johnson was highly touted coming out of high school.

Running Back- For the past couple years, Villanova has been Stacked at Running Back and that shouldn't change in 2010.  Aaron Ball and Angelo Babbaro should each return for their senior seasons and hopefully next year they will both be healthy for the entire year.  Ball, a downhill runner who is a load to bring down has shown his ability running the football as he ran for over 1,000 yards in 2008 as a sophomore and was third on the team in rushing in 2009.  Babbaro, who is more of a scat back and a legitimate receiving threat out of the backfield had his moments in 2009 and should have a larger role in the offense in 2010.  Behind the two main backs is Lawrence Doss who has good hands and decent speed.  With the return of the top three players on the depth chart at running back, Villanova should be stacked at that position yet again in 2010.

Wide Receivers- In theory, The 'Cats could be hit very hard by graduation at Wide Receiver.  Brandyn Harvey, one of the most prolific wideouts in school history will graduate so Villanova must replace his production.  There is also the question of Matt Szczur.  It is not a foregone conclusion that Szczur will leave Villanova to play professional baseball but that is a spector that should loom over VU Football for this entire offseason.  I've heard #4 quoted as saying that football is his first love and that's why he decided to go to Villanova so this situation is very touch and go.  I happen to believe that he has as much of a chance in the NFL as he does in Major League Baseball.  Behind Harvey and Szczur is Norman White, Dorian Wells, Mikey Reynolds, Larry Jackson, Kenny Miles and freshman Joe Price.  Should Szczur leave, expect White and Wells to pick up some of the Slack left by both him and Harvey with the rest of the receivers getting the rest of the available touches divided between them.

Tight End- Since Villanova runs a run-heavy spread offense, the Tight End was used mostly as a blocker this season.  Returning starter Chris Farmer did get slightly more involved in the offense down the stretch in the playoff run and scored what amounted to being the game winning touchdown in the National Championship.  Villanova has lacked a threat at the Tight End position since the graduation of Matt Sherry.  The role of the Tight End in the Villanova Offense could change next year as Brennan Erbeznik (who was redshirted this year) compares favorably to Sherry according to Coach Talley.  The more diversified the offense becomes the better and if Tight Ends are making plays in the passing game, that bodes well for The 'Cats.

Offensive Line-  The Offensive Line was the strongest position group on Villanova's 2009 team.  While two players graduate, the Offensive Line returns its two best players.  Anchoring the left side Villanova Offensive Line for the fourth consecutive year in 2010 will be Left Tackle Ben Ijalana and Left Guard Brant ClouserIjalana (who is a legitimate NFL prospect on The Blind Side) and Clouser have been starting for The 'Cats since the day they walked onto campus in 2007 and have not missed a game since.  At Center, Villanova loses a four year starter in Brian Brannigan but sliding in his place will be Dan Shirey, who is very talented in his own right and started several games this season as a true freshman including the National Championship.  Right Guard is a question mark and spring practice will probably sort it out but I'm guessing that freshman Josh Bucci may have the upper hand if he is able to slide to guard from his natural position of tackle.  At Right Tackle, Chidozie Ekweozor should be the opening day starter if he is able to recover from his torn ACL that he suffered in the Holy Cross game.  With these five in place and a talented transfer from Hofstra coming in, The 'Cats should be in good shape on the Line in 2010.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Whew! Recapping a Long Weekend Low on Suck and High on Awesome

It was a long weekend.  Everything about it was long; from the 11 hour drive to Chattanooga to the almost 24 hour layover in Atlanta after our initial flight got canceled.  One thing made the entire ordeal worth it: Villanova taking home a National Championship in Football for the first time in program history.  Matt Szczur was ridiculous, as he racked up 270 all purpose yards and two touchdowns to pace the 23-21 victory for The 'CatsChris Whitney was able to rebound from a shaky start to gain over 100 yards on the ground and throw a touchdown to Tight End Chris Farmer.  Perhaps most importantly, the 'Nova defense was able to hold Montana Wide Receiver Marc Mariani to zero catches in the second half after he torched the Wildcat secondary for 178 yards in the first half.

It Makes Me Happy When: I see something as awesome as that Game in Person

It Makes Me Sad Pissed Off When: The Band doesn't show up, yet again.  The Villanova band deserves to be treated like the bunch of losers they are

What's Coming This Week: Probably back to the regularly scheduled programming (Basketball) and something about why the Villanova Band sucks.

Friday, December 18, 2009



Fact's Thoughts From Chattanooga

Upon arriving at the Hotel in Chattanooga, I realized why there is a movement to Move the National Championship away from there.  I know I shouldn't judge a city by a first impression in a small area, but walking to the game from the hotel makes me wish that I brought a gun with me.  Not only was the weather horrific, but it was the most scared I have ever been in my life behind when I went to Memphis when I was 15 (what a coincidence, they're both in Tennessee.)  One of the good things so far about the trip has been the overall friendliness of the Montana fans.  They have been very polite and friendly in every encounter. Now it's time i go to the game, but aside from the slums, Chatty has been decent.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Unsung Hero: An Ode To Tony Canci

When you think of the Villanova Football Team, you think of Chris Whitney, Matt Szczur, Osayi Osunde  and Tim Kukucka. One player that is usually not mentioned in a list of important players is senior running back/special teams ace Tony CanciCanci started at Villanova as a walk-on and eventually earned his way onto the field by proving he is an excellent special teams player.  This season, he has been able to work himself onto the field a lot more both as a lead blocker in the running game and as an effective receiver out of the backfield.  The trust the coaching staff has shown in him has paid off as he has caught four touchdown passes this year to go along with his always stellar performance on special teams.  While he isn't the fastest or the most gifted player on the field, Tony Canci is exactly the kind of player that every coach loves because he's willing to do whatever it takes to help Villanova win games.  In the bright lights of The National Championship game, the storylines will all be about the star players, but one story that will be lost in the minds of everyone is the fact that someone who embodies every good trait in a football player will be playing the final game of his career.  Thank you for five excellent years of service Tony Canci, I certainly do not take your contribution to the team lightly and no one else should either.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Is It Friday Yet?? Fact's Thoughts on The National Championship Game

As regular readers of this blog know, I'm a huge fan of Villanova Football.  I'm a rarity in that I care as much about the Football team As I do about the Basketball team.  In the four years since I first started at Villanova, there has been an unprecedented era of success in both sports.  The Basketball team has made it to the Final Four and now the Football team is headed to Chattanooga where they will play for a National Championship.  Tomorrow night, I leave for Tennessee and hopefully when I head back home, the Villanova Football team will have won their first National Championship.  I know how far this team has come since 2006 when they started the season 2-5 only to win their last four games to finish 6-5.  Since I've been at Villanova, they have yet to have a losing season or lose to Delaware.  If they can cap off this four years with a National Championship, this senior class will have come full circle and cement themselves as one of if not the greatest senior class in school history.  Winning a Championship will not be easy, as they have to play against a formidable (undefeated) opponent in Montana.  While it won't be easy, The 'Cats have all the tools in place to win a Championship NOW.  While Matt Szczur does have one year of eligibility remaining after this year, he may leave early to play professional baseball so there is the lingering possibility that Villanova could lose their best offensive threat in the offseason, something that is never easy.  The 'Cats must go for broke in this game because they may not have the opportunity to get to a Championship again.

National Championship Game
When: Friday December 18th at 8 PM
Where: Chattanooga, TN
Televised Live on ESPN2

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Keys To The National Championship Game: Villanova vs. Montana

Andy Talley has finally cleared the hump and made it to the National Championship.  The opponent in the Championship Game will be the undefeated Grizzlies from the University of Montana.  While Villanova is making its first trip to the National Championship, Montana is no stranger to playing in Chattanooga as their most recent trip was last season when they lost to Richmond 24-7.  The 'Cats need to finish what they've started and not allow Montana to get in their way. 

Here are my keys to the game:

Go For Win Four With #4- There is no doubt at this point who Villanova's best offensive player is.  Matt Szczur has been beyond phoneomenal, especially in the last few games. Look for a heavy dose of Szczur in the wildcat as it is no longer necessary to budget his touches.  In my opinion, they should give the ball to him until Montana finds a way to stop him.  Few teams have been able to stop him yet this season so VIllanova should challenge The Griz to stop #4

Cut to The Chase- Montana running back Chase Reynolds absolutely torched Appalachian State last week on the ground by running effectively behind his huge offensive line.   It is imperative that The 'Cats get penetration and cut Reynolds down in the backfield before he can get into the second level.  In order to stop him, Villanova must rely on the quickness they have defensively to get into the backfield, otherwise the brute strength of the Montana offensive line could pave the way for a big day on the ground for Chase Reynolds.

Play Smart- All season, The 'Cats have been extremely disciplined, they are in the top five in the nation in penalty yardage and fewest turnovers lost.  They cannot afford to lose themselves and play undisciplined football for the first time in the most important game of the season.  This doesn't only extend to penalties and turnovers, Montana possesses a good passing attack so The 'Cats cannot afford to be out of position on defense or else they will be burned.  If The 'Cats are able to play mistake free while forcing mistakes at the same time, they will greatly increase their chances of winning the game. 

Get Pressure on The Quarterback- Montana's quarterback Andrew Selle is a very good player when he has time to throw.  He also has a plethora of receivers to throw the ball to, especially All-American wideout Marc Mariani.  Montana's offensive line has done a very good job pass blocking this year so Villanova must try to keep Selle and The Griz offensive line confused with timely blitzes and pressure from the front three linemen on top of that. Villanova defensive end Tim Kukucka, who has been fantastic this season, must continue his high level of play and get pressure off the edge.  In last year's national championship, Richmond defensive end Lawrence Sidbury was the difference in the game as he had four sacks.  If Villanova is able to get that many sacks as a team much less from one player, they will put the offense in the position to win.

That's it for now, probably more tomorrow or Thursday before I leave for CHATTY.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

If Villanova Football Wins It All, Then is It Time to Upgrade?

Villanova Football is heading into uncharted territory.  With the win on Friday, Villanova has become the first FCS team from a school that belongs to a power conference (in all sports other than football) to reach the championship game.  Even former Yankee Conference (The Precursor to the CAA) member UConn never made it to the championship game and they made the decision to move up to the Big East last decade.  As you can tell, I quite enjoy the product that Villanova puts out on the Football field, but it is very hard for the average Villanova fan to get excited about playing Towson, a school in which Villanova has absolutely zero ties to outside of playing them once a year in Football.

One thing to take into consideration is the long rumored fissure of the Big East in which the football schools (Syracuse, Rutgers, WVU, UConn etc.) would kick the basketball only (Catholic) schools to the curb, forcing them to form a new conference.  If that ends up happening, Villanova will ultimately have to make a choice, elevate football and stay in the Big East or do nothing and force Villanova into Mid Major status in basketball (and lose Jay Wright in the process.)  In my mind, Villanova has no other option but to begin upgrading their football team in every way possible from facilities to infrastructure.  Another necessity is that Villanova once again takes a look at the costs and benefits of moving up in football.  Unlike the last study regarding the football program, this study must be given a chance by the higher ups among Villanova's Administration (especially in the president's office.)  Jay Wright has put in too much time and effort to return the Villanova Basketball program to national prominence and I want it to stay that way, which is why football must be addressed.

Saturday, December 12, 2009


What a year 2009 has been for Villanova Sports.  First, the Basketball team made it to the Final Four for the first Time since 1985 and now the Football team is going to Chattanooga on the strength of their 14-13 win over William & Mary on Friday Night.  They already have set a school record for wins in a season with 13 and hopefully next week they make it 14. 

It Makes Me Happy When: I see Andy Talley finally exorcise his demons and make it to the Championship Game.  About three years ago, I was about to write him off but it's a good thing that he stayed.  This team has some scary potential, they return most of their starters next season including most of their top offensive weapons. 

It Makes Me Sad When: I realize that in the state the program is in now that nobody will ever support the Football team, even in it's finest hour.  I was however very happy with the student turnout at the game.. If only we could boost the support of the team with the alumni and casual fan, that would be nice.

Looking Ahead: I desperately want to go to the Championship game.  On message boards Appalachian State and Montana fans were sitting on their high horses about Villanova's fan support.  As far as I'm concerned, they can go eat a dick.

That's it for today.. More to come after the Basketball Game tomorrow. 

Friday, December 11, 2009

What to Look For Tonight: Villanova-William & Mary Preview

Hopefully We Will See A lot of this From A Ball

Tonight, Villanova will play in their biggest football game during Andy Talley's 25 year tenure as head coach at the school.  The opponent, William & Mary is a familiar one to The 'Cats as the two teams face each other every season (Villanova beat The Tribe 28-17 earlier this season.)  W&M comes in boasting a stout defense and a solid offense so The 'Cats must play solid in all facets of the game if they want to come away with a win.
Here is my guide to the game:
  • Who Can Run The Ball? Both teams have particularly stout run defenses and solid running offenses.  Bill and Mary comes into the game with the nation's number one ranked run defense which could hurt run-heavy Villanova.  Villanova is an extremely difficult team to stop on the ground though as they average 237 yards a game running the ball.  In the last four games, The 'Cats have been averaging nearly 300 yards a game on the ground.  In the first game between these two teams, Villanova Running Backs Angelo Babbaro and Aaron Ball were both banged up yet Villanova was still able to have some success running the ball.  With both running backs healthy and Babbaro coming off the best game of his college career, Villanova should be in a better position to run the ball than they were in the first matchup between these two teams.  Early on in the game, try to observe who is winning the battle at the line of scrimmage as that is the ultimate key to the game in my opinion. 
  • Who Will Pass Protect? Both teams stop the run so there could be some long third down situations that force the quarterbacks to throw.  In order to throw however, the signal callers will need time to throw as both teams in this game are among the nation's best at harassing quarterbacks.  Defensive End Adrian Tracy, W&M's top pass rusher has lived in opposing backfields this season, he's very difficult to block and he had a big game against Villanova earlier in the season.  I expect Villanova to pass block better than they did in the last game against William and Mary as it seems they have turned a corner but I still expect W&M to make some plays in the Villanova backfield.  Villanova's pass rush is nothing to sleep on as End Tim Kukucka is coming off a monster game against UNH in which he had six tackles and two and a half sacks.  Neither team will be able to win this game if they can't protect the passer so it should be interesting to see who wins this battle.
  • Who Handles the Elements? Compared to last week, the conditions for this game will seem nice for The 'Cats as they played their game last week in a wet wintry hell.  The conditions will still not be great though as it should be well below freezing with heavy winds.  Wind and cold together make passing the ball a bitch as the ball gets very hard and slick when it's cold added to the fact that it's never easy to throw in the wind (ask Eli Manning.)   If the wind has an effect on the ball in the passing game, the team that performs better in the kicking game has a decided advantage as I don't expect either team to run the ball too easily.  Last week, Nick Yako had an incredible game kicking the ball even though it looked to be near impossible to get footing. 
  • What Quarterback Steps Up? This game is a matchup between the two best Quarterbacks in the CAA (as voted by the coaches.)  Villanova signal-caller Chris Whitney was voted to the first team and Tribe QB RJ Archer was named to the second team.  Both quarterbacks are very athletic (Archer is a former Wide Receiver) and can run with the football.  Whitney is a load to bring down and he is the Ultimate X-Factor in this game due to his running ability.  If Whitney is able to run the ball early, that will ultimately slow down the William & Mary pass rush and it will give Villanova an opportunity to throw some passes and throw the defense off balance.  Archer had a big game throwing the ball earlier in the season statistically, but he made some mistakes.  If Archer is able to replicate his early season performance without the turnovers, it will be very hard for Villanova to beat William and Mary. 
  • Who Gets in a Rhythm Early? Villanova has made a living in the first quarter of games this year.  In 13 games so far this season, The 'Cats have given up only 30 points in the first quarter while they have scored 135.  So on average, The 'Cats have been leading by more than eight points at the end of the first quarter.  William and Mary on the other hand has been struggling in the first quarter as of late as RJ Archer has found it difficult to get into a rhythm early.  If Villanova is in the lead by more than a touchdown after the first quarter, they will be in very good shape for the rest of the game. 
That's it for today, come to the game tonight.. It's at eight o'clock at Villanova Stadium.  Student Tickets will be 10 dollars at the door.  If you can't make it, the game will be televised on ESPN2.
Go 'Cats!

Monday, December 7, 2009

The Weekend in Villanova Sports

This was yet another good weekend to be a Villanova fan, the basketball team pulled off a win against Maryland in DC last night and the football team destroyed UNH on Saturday.  The football team finds itself one win away from a National Championship appearance in Chattanooga
Here are my thoughts on the weekend. 
  • Aside from nearly literally freezing my ass off, the football game this weekend was some of the most fun I've ever had at a sporting event of any kindThe 'Cats absolutely destroyed UNH and to add insult to injury, the UNH football team had to deal with snowballs while they were walking off the field (awesome.) 
  • UNH played like they were barefoot on Saturday.  I've never seen a team slip around a field like that.  They should have been given Ice Skates
  • Friday night's game against William and Mary is on ESPN2 my over/under on the number of times Matt Szczur's name is butchered will be conservatively placed at three.
  • Greivis Vasquez is such a huge twat.  Then entire game, he was talking shit to the Villanova players (I'm not sure what language he speaking in) all while he was having an epically terrible game.  It's all good though, because Scottie Reynolds made that piece of shit his bitch all night long.
  • Taylor King's range is all the way out to the parking lot.. He can take (and make) shots that would make me throw things at the television if anyone else took them.  Thank god Dook didn't know what to do with him.
  • Corey Fisher does things that are straight out of the And 1 mixtape.   He's a bonafide playground legend.
  • The ACC is gahbage this year.  Between losing the ACC-Big Ten Challenge and North Carolina's loss to Kentucky (who are overrated) I think it's safe to say that this is the worst ACC in quite a while. 
  • Flozell Adams needs to grow the fuck up and the NFL needs to drop the hammer on that fatass.  Anything less than a two game suspension by the league would be absolutely outrageous at this juncture.
  • I would like to beg anyone within 100 miles of Villanova to come to the football game on Friday night.  I know it's not "big time football" but this is about as big time as we're going to get.  Nothing else will be worth watching on a Friday night in December so come out and support The 'Cats as they go Injun Hunting. 
I'm lazy today so That's all I'm going to say, I'll be back throughout the week.  Go to the game on Friday, bring friends. 

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Soapbox #8: Why Seton Hall Sucks

He is no Jay Wright
Editors Note: This is the first soapbox entry in quite a long time but I saw something that greatly offended me and I thought it was worth pursuing. 

Seton Hall guard Keon Lawrence, who got into an accident while driving drunk in the wrong lane on the Garden State Parkway last month (he also was driving on a suspended license and had two outstanding traffic warrants) will be cleared to play against Temple on December 19th, a little over a month after the fact.  The fact that he is even on the Seton Hall roster is complete and utter bullshit.  The Lawrence situation and the recent suspension of fatass freshman center Melvyn Oliver serve as proof that Bobby Gonzalez is running a halfway house at Seton Hall without a license from the State of New Jersey.  Is Seton Hall really that desperate to win basketball games that they'll put up with these shenanigans from a coach who has barely won 50 percent of his games since he arrived at the school in 2006?  It absolutely sickens me that a player who's potentially fatal actions received the same suspension that Reggie Redding (who had an otherwise clean record) was handed for being in possession of marijuana.  The NCAA needs to form some sort of guidelines for this type of offense because it seems to me that where a player to school has a big effect on the consequences they get (see: Eric Devendorf.)  I can hope for nothing more at this point than for Seton Hall to lose every single Big East game they play in this season

Villanova Beats Drexel 77-58, Exorcises Demons In The Process

Thank Yahweh that this wasn't the same game or the same Drexel team as three years ago.  With yesterday's 77-58 win, Villanova further asserted itself as the undisputed heavyweight champ of Philadelphia Basketball.  All that remains in this year's quest for Philly supremacy is for The 'Cats to take care of business against Temple and the Safety School Better known as St. Joe's.  Even though they didn't play very well offensively (especially in the first half,) The 'Cats put in arguably their best defensive effort of the season as evidneced by the fact that they collected eight blocks as a team (three by Maurice Sutton) and nine steals (four by Corey Fisher.)  Scottie Reynolds had arguably his best game of the season scoring 14 points, grabbing eight rebounds and dishing out six assists and only turning the ball over twice.  Leading the way in scoring was Antonio Pena who scored a career high 19 points and grabbed 11 boards in the process.  Taylor King continued to provide instant offense off the bench as he had 16 points (on four of six from three point range) and five rebounds.

Here's what I'm thinking:
  • Tone is playing like a man possessed.  If he can sink free throws at around 70 percent like he did last night, he could be a very dangerous weapon.  We've needed a post scorer for the longest time that didn't have to resort to jump shots to get points.  I can't remember the last Villanova player who had this many double doubles this early in the season.
  • The whiner also known as Coach K is a retard for letting Taylor King leave Dook.  If he had T-King last night against Wisconsin, they would have won the game and The ACC would have won that stupid challenge over the Big Ten.
  • I'm shocked that Tim Higgins was officiating the game yet Drexel still had five more personal fouls than Villanova.  I guess he knows he'll get fired if he tries to ruin another Villanova season.  I hope he's still enlightened come Big East conference play.
  • I could care less that JayVaughn Pinkston is committing to play at Villanova.  It seems that every other Villanova Blog devotes anywhere from 30-60 percent of it's energy on recruiting when it's an inexact science.  For example, did you know that if you went by Rivals Rankings, the 2002 recruiting class was ranked from highest to lowest Jason Fraser, Curtis Sumpter, Randy Foye and Allan Ray.  The order in which they were ranked happens to be the exact opposite order of their career scoring numbers.  Pinkston also could still change his mind and sign somewhere else. 
  • This isn't basketball related but I'm absolutely disgusted that Hofstra took the coward's route and decided to drop their football program.  It seems that football is made into a pariah whenever the going gets tough financially.  I hope Andy Talley lets out the welcome mat for any Hofstra players (granted they meet the necessary requirements) who want to finish their eligibility at Villanova.
That's it for this, I'll probably have something else on the UNH Football game and something on the Maryland game (probably both of them bunched into one post) by tomorrow or early Saturday.

    Tuesday, December 1, 2009

    Villanova Versus UNH Game Deux Preview Part Deux: Matchups

    I released the preview for the game the other day but I thought that since this is a playoff game, I'd dive a little deeper in and give you a position by position breakdown to see who has the upper hand.  Looking at the stats only, both Villanova and UNH are very evenly matched, which is why i felt it was worth it to go down the line and do it position by position to see who has the advantage.

    Quarterback- Villanova: This is a fairly obvious choice for me as Chris Whitney has been absolutely sensational so far this season, both throwing the ball and running with it.  That's not to say that New Hampshire Quarterback RJ Toman is not dangerous, he can be very dangerous.. he's just a much more streaky player than Whitney is. 

    Running Back- Push/Villanova: Before the season started I would have told you hands down that this was in favor of Villanova, but Aaron Ball and Angelo Babbaro have been just good this year as opposed to last year when they were great.  UNH has two good running backs this year in Chad Kackert and Sean Jellison.  Villanova is generally good at stopping the run so it will be interesting to see what New Hampshire's two pronged running attack will do this week.  Babbaro did not play in the first game due to turf toe, but he should be ready to go out and prove what UNH didn't have to deal with the last game. 
    Wide Receiver- Villanova: Villanova wins this matchup running away as the Combination of Brandyn Harvey, Matt Szczur, Dorian Wells, Norman White and Mikey Reynolds may be the best receiving corps in the nation. UNH's receivers are good, but they're nothing to really brag about.

    Tight End- UNH: New Hampshire Tight End Scott Sicko is worth Bragging about though.  This category was far and away the easiest to pick because Sicko is an absolute stud, he blocks well and catches passes like a wide receiver.  The best receiving threat on UNH, Sick torched Villanova in the last meeting with a few long plays up the middle for touchdowns.  As for Villanova, Tight End may be the weakest position on the team.  Converted Defensive End Chris Farmer has done a servicable job at Tight End (mostly blocking) but he's not nearly the threat that Scott Sicko is in the Passing Game.

    Offensive Line- Villanova: Even without starting Right Tackle Chidozie Ekweozor, Villanova still gets the advantage on this one.  The reason I give the advantage to Villanova is that they have proven all season that they are a force in the run blocking department (even in the absence of Chidozie.)  Expect to see a lot of runs by The 'Cats to the Side of Stud Junior Left Tackle Ben Ijalana and his counterpart (and roommate) Left Guard Brant Clouser along with Center Brian Brannigan and Right Guard/Tackle Jon Bugli.  With those four along with either Freshman Guard/Center Dan Shirey or Freshman Tackle Josh Bucci (who may get his redshirt pulled), you'd be hard pressed to find a better Offensive Line in the nation.  UNH's O-Line on the other hand is an Achilles Heel for the team, but apparently they have turned a corner.

    Remember Where You Heard It First: Mouph Tests Posititive For Hepatitis B

    Last Month we broke the story that Mouphtaou Yarou's mysterious "viral infection" was actually a case of Hepatitis B.  Excuse the initial report where we said he might have tuberculosis, but that is what was reported to me at the time and according to  The Voice, Mouph thought the TB test was a false positive which at this moment appears to be the case.  The diagnosis all but solidifies the fact that Mouph will be out for the rest of the season.  Luckily, his condition is not life threatening and Hep B is not nearly as problematic as Hepatitis C.  All we can wish for at this point is for Mouph to make a speedy and full recovery.