Sunday, December 13, 2009

If Villanova Football Wins It All, Then is It Time to Upgrade?

Villanova Football is heading into uncharted territory.  With the win on Friday, Villanova has become the first FCS team from a school that belongs to a power conference (in all sports other than football) to reach the championship game.  Even former Yankee Conference (The Precursor to the CAA) member UConn never made it to the championship game and they made the decision to move up to the Big East last decade.  As you can tell, I quite enjoy the product that Villanova puts out on the Football field, but it is very hard for the average Villanova fan to get excited about playing Towson, a school in which Villanova has absolutely zero ties to outside of playing them once a year in Football.

One thing to take into consideration is the long rumored fissure of the Big East in which the football schools (Syracuse, Rutgers, WVU, UConn etc.) would kick the basketball only (Catholic) schools to the curb, forcing them to form a new conference.  If that ends up happening, Villanova will ultimately have to make a choice, elevate football and stay in the Big East or do nothing and force Villanova into Mid Major status in basketball (and lose Jay Wright in the process.)  In my mind, Villanova has no other option but to begin upgrading their football team in every way possible from facilities to infrastructure.  Another necessity is that Villanova once again takes a look at the costs and benefits of moving up in football.  Unlike the last study regarding the football program, this study must be given a chance by the higher ups among Villanova's Administration (especially in the president's office.)  Jay Wright has put in too much time and effort to return the Villanova Basketball program to national prominence and I want it to stay that way, which is why football must be addressed.

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  1. I agree! We must bring football to the divison 1 level. Maybe even model ourselves after boston college.