Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Is It Friday Yet?? Fact's Thoughts on The National Championship Game

As regular readers of this blog know, I'm a huge fan of Villanova Football.  I'm a rarity in that I care as much about the Football team As I do about the Basketball team.  In the four years since I first started at Villanova, there has been an unprecedented era of success in both sports.  The Basketball team has made it to the Final Four and now the Football team is headed to Chattanooga where they will play for a National Championship.  Tomorrow night, I leave for Tennessee and hopefully when I head back home, the Villanova Football team will have won their first National Championship.  I know how far this team has come since 2006 when they started the season 2-5 only to win their last four games to finish 6-5.  Since I've been at Villanova, they have yet to have a losing season or lose to Delaware.  If they can cap off this four years with a National Championship, this senior class will have come full circle and cement themselves as one of if not the greatest senior class in school history.  Winning a Championship will not be easy, as they have to play against a formidable (undefeated) opponent in Montana.  While it won't be easy, The 'Cats have all the tools in place to win a Championship NOW.  While Matt Szczur does have one year of eligibility remaining after this year, he may leave early to play professional baseball so there is the lingering possibility that Villanova could lose their best offensive threat in the offseason, something that is never easy.  The 'Cats must go for broke in this game because they may not have the opportunity to get to a Championship again.

National Championship Game
When: Friday December 18th at 8 PM
Where: Chattanooga, TN
Televised Live on ESPN2


  1. 1. Factrospective? really.....
    2. When he says "the four years since I first started at Villanova" that doesn't mean he actually stayed those four years... more like 2 and a half
    3. Still respect you fact for your dedication
    4. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY (none of this "happy holidays" shit)

  2. Matusflex...Fact is the most dedicated fan at Villanova and has great insight into the entire sports scene. He's the only one I've met in 4 years that is dedicated to Villanova sports...period...and not just one of the thousands who go to basketball games because it's a cool thing to do....leave it at that

  3. fact is that you answering a post that was written about you, again?!

  4. I'm thinking the same thing, that fact is defending himself anonymously... either way I really didn't attack fact, i even gave him respect for his dedication, so whoever it is needs to shut the fuck up. Also, if this person has knows fact for 4 years, than they probably know who I am and they should use their name

  5. This is Gpraz I like you love the basketball team and football. To be honest all Nova sports. I have been driving the hoops crazed fans nuts on the site for two weeks promoting the football team. Actually I have "converted" a lot of them. What that team has accomplished with sometimes minimal support is amazing. So proud and the football is really good here. We need mote to apreciated it.