Thursday, December 3, 2009

Soapbox #8: Why Seton Hall Sucks

He is no Jay Wright
Editors Note: This is the first soapbox entry in quite a long time but I saw something that greatly offended me and I thought it was worth pursuing. 

Seton Hall guard Keon Lawrence, who got into an accident while driving drunk in the wrong lane on the Garden State Parkway last month (he also was driving on a suspended license and had two outstanding traffic warrants) will be cleared to play against Temple on December 19th, a little over a month after the fact.  The fact that he is even on the Seton Hall roster is complete and utter bullshit.  The Lawrence situation and the recent suspension of fatass freshman center Melvyn Oliver serve as proof that Bobby Gonzalez is running a halfway house at Seton Hall without a license from the State of New Jersey.  Is Seton Hall really that desperate to win basketball games that they'll put up with these shenanigans from a coach who has barely won 50 percent of his games since he arrived at the school in 2006?  It absolutely sickens me that a player who's potentially fatal actions received the same suspension that Reggie Redding (who had an otherwise clean record) was handed for being in possession of marijuana.  The NCAA needs to form some sort of guidelines for this type of offense because it seems to me that where a player to school has a big effect on the consequences they get (see: Eric Devendorf.)  I can hope for nothing more at this point than for Seton Hall to lose every single Big East game they play in this season

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