Thursday, December 24, 2009

"sports is the best thing to happen since do dirty" - Shane Clark

It looks like a Mugshot
A friend of mine recently uncovered webpages that well known Villanova athletes made years ago for computer science class.  These pages happen to reinforce just about every stereotype on earth.  Just for shits, I've decided to share these with the rest of the world in a weekly segment until they run out.  The Athlete in question this week is Shane Clark

What We've Learned This Week:
  • Shane likes cats because they are "soft" "cute" and "fun to rub down on."  By cats, Darkness may have been talking about jersey chasing basketball sluts.
  • He also really likes money, as he lists money as one of his five favorite things and counting money as one of his hobbies.  I never had enough money to count.
  • Shane likes to draw.. I wonder if he colors in between the lines. 
What a gem.. Where did we get this guy?

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