Thursday, December 24, 2009

V for Villanova, FU for ESPN

This kid is at the game and even he knows the ESPN announcers suck.

I think this kid has what it takes to be the official unofficial mascot of Villanova Basketball in about 10 years, reminds me of my young blue self.

100 bucks says that dad quickly realized he too was on tv and finished that beating at home.

In other news, I didn't see any of the game or gamecast tonight, but after reading the recap I'm going to say that was a solid win. I know its only Delaware, but a win is a win. Another thing to note: God damn did I miss Reggie Redding (or should say "Jah damn" in Reggie's case), its looking like things are coming together now that he's back in the lineup.

I'll leave you with this:
I like dogs because you can do alot of things with them to have fun also because some of them are mean and aggressive.

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