Thursday, December 3, 2009

Villanova Beats Drexel 77-58, Exorcises Demons In The Process

Thank Yahweh that this wasn't the same game or the same Drexel team as three years ago.  With yesterday's 77-58 win, Villanova further asserted itself as the undisputed heavyweight champ of Philadelphia Basketball.  All that remains in this year's quest for Philly supremacy is for The 'Cats to take care of business against Temple and the Safety School Better known as St. Joe's.  Even though they didn't play very well offensively (especially in the first half,) The 'Cats put in arguably their best defensive effort of the season as evidneced by the fact that they collected eight blocks as a team (three by Maurice Sutton) and nine steals (four by Corey Fisher.)  Scottie Reynolds had arguably his best game of the season scoring 14 points, grabbing eight rebounds and dishing out six assists and only turning the ball over twice.  Leading the way in scoring was Antonio Pena who scored a career high 19 points and grabbed 11 boards in the process.  Taylor King continued to provide instant offense off the bench as he had 16 points (on four of six from three point range) and five rebounds.

Here's what I'm thinking:
  • Tone is playing like a man possessed.  If he can sink free throws at around 70 percent like he did last night, he could be a very dangerous weapon.  We've needed a post scorer for the longest time that didn't have to resort to jump shots to get points.  I can't remember the last Villanova player who had this many double doubles this early in the season.
  • The whiner also known as Coach K is a retard for letting Taylor King leave Dook.  If he had T-King last night against Wisconsin, they would have won the game and The ACC would have won that stupid challenge over the Big Ten.
  • I'm shocked that Tim Higgins was officiating the game yet Drexel still had five more personal fouls than Villanova.  I guess he knows he'll get fired if he tries to ruin another Villanova season.  I hope he's still enlightened come Big East conference play.
  • I could care less that JayVaughn Pinkston is committing to play at Villanova.  It seems that every other Villanova Blog devotes anywhere from 30-60 percent of it's energy on recruiting when it's an inexact science.  For example, did you know that if you went by Rivals Rankings, the 2002 recruiting class was ranked from highest to lowest Jason Fraser, Curtis Sumpter, Randy Foye and Allan Ray.  The order in which they were ranked happens to be the exact opposite order of their career scoring numbers.  Pinkston also could still change his mind and sign somewhere else. 
  • This isn't basketball related but I'm absolutely disgusted that Hofstra took the coward's route and decided to drop their football program.  It seems that football is made into a pariah whenever the going gets tough financially.  I hope Andy Talley lets out the welcome mat for any Hofstra players (granted they meet the necessary requirements) who want to finish their eligibility at Villanova.
That's it for this, I'll probably have something else on the UNH Football game and something on the Maryland game (probably both of them bunched into one post) by tomorrow or early Saturday.

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