Saturday, December 12, 2009


What a year 2009 has been for Villanova Sports.  First, the Basketball team made it to the Final Four for the first Time since 1985 and now the Football team is going to Chattanooga on the strength of their 14-13 win over William & Mary on Friday Night.  They already have set a school record for wins in a season with 13 and hopefully next week they make it 14. 

It Makes Me Happy When: I see Andy Talley finally exorcise his demons and make it to the Championship Game.  About three years ago, I was about to write him off but it's a good thing that he stayed.  This team has some scary potential, they return most of their starters next season including most of their top offensive weapons. 

It Makes Me Sad When: I realize that in the state the program is in now that nobody will ever support the Football team, even in it's finest hour.  I was however very happy with the student turnout at the game.. If only we could boost the support of the team with the alumni and casual fan, that would be nice.

Looking Ahead: I desperately want to go to the Championship game.  On message boards Appalachian State and Montana fans were sitting on their high horses about Villanova's fan support.  As far as I'm concerned, they can go eat a dick.

That's it for today.. More to come after the Basketball Game tomorrow. 

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  1. Yeah man, fuck those clowns. I am so tired of APPY and Montana fans running their mouths about that bullshit attendance. As if the amount of butts in the seats means your team is any more or less talented. Please. If Villanova was in the middle of nowhere with dick else to do of course everyone would come to our games. Unfortunately that is just not the environment in Northeast or Philadelphia. So fuck those Griz and Eers lets go cats. Now book your tickets for Chat-town brother...making it Chattanova.