Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Whew! Recapping a Long Weekend Low on Suck and High on Awesome

It was a long weekend.  Everything about it was long; from the 11 hour drive to Chattanooga to the almost 24 hour layover in Atlanta after our initial flight got canceled.  One thing made the entire ordeal worth it: Villanova taking home a National Championship in Football for the first time in program history.  Matt Szczur was ridiculous, as he racked up 270 all purpose yards and two touchdowns to pace the 23-21 victory for The 'CatsChris Whitney was able to rebound from a shaky start to gain over 100 yards on the ground and throw a touchdown to Tight End Chris Farmer.  Perhaps most importantly, the 'Nova defense was able to hold Montana Wide Receiver Marc Mariani to zero catches in the second half after he torched the Wildcat secondary for 178 yards in the first half.

It Makes Me Happy When: I see something as awesome as that Game in Person

It Makes Me Sad Pissed Off When: The Band doesn't show up, yet again.  The Villanova band deserves to be treated like the bunch of losers they are

What's Coming This Week: Probably back to the regularly scheduled programming (Basketball) and something about why the Villanova Band sucks.


  1. The band would have gone if Athletics had put up the cash for them to travel. Athletics doesn't give them any money for buses or even buy them tickets for these types of games. The only reason they're able to go to the home games is because students get in for free. The band has to front their own cash to go to any away games and was lucky to even get to go to the Holy War earlier this month at the Palestra. Sorry, that's my rant. To cum up, it's not so much the band not wanting to be there as it is Athletics refusing to acknowledge that the band adds a lot to to atmosphere of the games.

  2. Whoops that should be sum up. Freudian slip.

  3. I understand the road blocks, but these things should be known so that the band can do some fundraising.

  4. I would have donated some money to the band if i had known this was their plight.

  5. Yeah, it's not reall a well known problem, it's just ridiculous that Athletics doesn't help out at all. I graduated last year and was in the band and saw how much that really impedes. They make the band pay to get up to the Big East Tournament too. At that point you can't be the only school there without a band. It's just embarassing.