Sunday, July 12, 2009

Villanova Law Dean Drops Briefs, Becomes Solictor

Oh, what fun for Villanova's Law School:
"On Monday, June 29, citing personal and medical reasons, Mark Sargent resigned as Dean of the Villanova University School of Law. At that same time, Mr. Sargent informed University officials of his connection with a law enforcement investigation. The University accepted his resignation; Mr. Sargent will not be returning to the faculty."
What was the investigation regarding you ask? Well, let's just say Dean Sargent went on Craigslist to find a lady friend. Yes that's right, he got caught with his pants down paying for pleasure.
Hey, it could've been worse, he could've have been using money from the much depleted work-study funds (Read: D'oh). Was it the best $170 spent in a half hour? Well for that you answer you will have to ask the peanut-loving ex-Dean who may have had trouble with emailing the student body but not nailing a for hire body.

Sorry, sorry, not to ridicule this situation and the Mr. Sargent anymore, but somebody had to wonder why in the Law School's press release about his abrupt resignation there was no mention of his previous accomplishments as Dean--like those mentioned earlier in this post or his oversight of the new law school building recently still being built.

There are plenty of dick jokes to be made about this story, so let's hear your best ones in the comments.