Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fact's Thoughts On A Sunday

Okay, My computer has been pretty recalcitrant lately so I didn't get a chance to post a recap of the Notre Dame game.  I'll just handle it all in this post. 

  • It's getting to the point where I'm very spoiled with the success of this team.  I've been a Villanova fan long enough to remember the shitty periods but this period of long success is getting ridiculous.
  • Scottie is only 7 points away from 2,000 and can break Kerry Kittles' record by scoring 251 points in the remainder of the games.
  • National Signing Day for Football is on Wednesday, so I'll give a blurb about Villanova's signees when I see an official list.  Signing day is always interesting, especially when top recruits remain uncommited.
  • I really badly want to see The 'Cats pound Seton Hall into the floor on Tuesday as I think Bobby Gonzalez is a jackass.
  • I tried my hardest to sit through an entire NBA game recently and could not do it.  Now I understand why the 76ers can't sell out the lower level of the Wachovia Center.
  • Fairly or unfairly, Syracuse is going to get hurt in the polls with their performance against DePaul yesterday.  Good teams win close games, and The Orange still won that game.
  • Duke (and the entire ACC for that matter) has been horribly overrated this season.  I have no idea why they are still considered such an elite program.  I haven't seen Grant Hill or Bobby Hurley on the floor at Cameron Indoor Stadium lately.  Gonzaga also proved unworthy of a top ten ranking last night with an embarrassing loss to San Francisco, a team that hasn't been relevent since Bill Russell graduated.
  • The Pro Bowl is terrible.  I might find myself watching until something better comes on, but it is such a shitty excuse for an all star game.
That's it for today, I'll be back tomorrow with a preview of the Seton Hall game. 

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Villanova-Notre Dame Preview

Look at that Gunt
Tonight at 7, Villanova will take on Notre Dame in a nationally televised game (ESPN) at the Wachovia Center.  While The Irish are not as strong this year as they have been in years past, they still possess one of the most dominant forces in the nation in Senior Luke Harangody.  With Villanova's shaky frontcourt, Harangody could be a nightmare matchup, but I think that the superior athleticism The 'Cats possess in the frontcourt is advantageous against Harangody. 

Here's My Breakdown:

Villanova Wins If: They are able to slow Harangody without gifting other players open shots.  They must also refuse to allow ND back in the game if they jump ahead. 
Villanova Loses If: They let Harangody run wild, then overcompensate and allow uncontested perimeter shots.
Big East Update: The Orange of Syracuse are currently the Darlings of the nation after beating Georgetown on Monday.  Hopefully the fact that The 'Cats are still undefeated in Big East play yet they still aren't even considered the best team in their conference will give them so motivation to kick ass this week and earn some number one votes. 
National Update: Kentucky finally got what was coming and lost to South Carolina last night.  It always feels fantastic when a team coached by that crook loses a game. 
Scottie Watch: After scoring 19 points against St. John's, Scottie Reynolds has 1976 points for his career.

Scottie Needs:
  • 24 points to reach 2,000
  • 268 points to pass Kerry Kittles as Villanova's career men's scoring leader.
  • 433 points to pass Shelly Pennefather as Villanova's all time leader in scoring in either men's or women's basketball.
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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Why The Soccer Stadium In Chester is NOT the Answer For Football

While nice, is it big enough and how would students access it?
Recent message board fodder about Villanova Football has surrounded the potential move to the Big East and the new soccer stadium being built in Chester for the expansion Philadelphia Union of the MLS.  The proposed stadium, which will seat 18,500 people is built along the Delaware River beside the Commodore Barry Bridge.  I have several problems with this move, the first being that Villanova has a hard enough time drawing students and people from the surrounding communities to games when they are on campus.  How could anybody believe that Villanova fans and the surrounding community would drive to a city that makes white people shit their pants to watch a team that they historically do not care about? While I am an ardent supporter of moving the team up to FBS to preserve the basketball program, I think that anybody that argues that it is viable for Villanova to use this stadium lived under power lines as a child.  Aside from the fact that Chester is scary (just ask famous getaway driver Tyreke Evans,) it is roughly a half hour drive from Villanova, making transportation for students nearly impossible and further distancing itself from Villanova's alumni presence on the Main Line.  Another problem is that Union Field would be far and away the smallest stadium in the Big East.  Simply put, Villanova does not have the cash flow or the Political clout to make such a move happen and even if they did, I highly doubt we would be able to attract the necessary fanbase in the area around Chester (which happens to be very blue collar) in the transitional years between FCS and FBS to make this a viable option.  Before the discussion is even made about the Football team moving up, Villanova must relax its tailgating restrictions in order to attract more fans to games.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Scottie Watch: 1/25

After scoring 19 points against St. John'sScottie Reynolds has 1976 points for his career. 

Scottie Needs:
  • 24 points to reach 2,000
  • 268 points to pass Kerry Kittles as Villanova's career men's scoring leader.
  • 433 points to pass Shelly Pennefather as Villanova's all time leader in scoring in either men's or women's basketball.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Villanova Beats St. John's, Remains Undefeated in the Big East

Villanova continued its Big East Tour de Force by beating St. John's 81-71 at MSG on Saturday.  The win pushes The 'Cats to 18-1 which matches the best start in school history.  They are also 7-0 in Big East Conference play for the first time in school history.  What amazes me about this team is that they can cover big deficits and win despite playing poorly. 

It Makes Me Happy When: I see a team with depth like this.  It's very rare to see a legitimate eleven-deep team, but that is what Villanova is this year.
It Makes Me Sad When: Villanova does not play 40 solid minutes.  I would love to see a game where they put everything together for two full halves, but that has yet to happen.
National Update: The 'Cats should be ranked third this week with Texas losing twice.  This year, more than any other The Big East is head and shoulders above the rest of the country.  Every other conference except the Big 12 appear to be having down years.  It also pisses me off that the fellatio campaign of John Calipari is going to continue until Kentucky loses.  

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Villanova-Rutgers Preview, Master Meets Apprentice

This is what failure looks like
Ask any Rutgers basketball fan and they'll tell you that the Fred Hill era has been a symphony of high hopes followed by epic failures.  Lauded for his recruiting ability while he was under Jay Wright at Villanova, Hill has brought in some solid recruiting classes but he has nothing to show for it as The Scarlet Knights are still at the bottom of the Big East.  Villanova will head to The RAC to face Rutgers on Wednesday night hoping to stay unbeaten in conference play and keep Rutgers winless.
Here's your rundown:

Villanova Wins If: They play better than awful
Villanova Loses If: They play terrible and Rutgers has some stroke of fabulous luck.  If Rutgers wins, it is nothing that Fred Hill did right.
National Update: With last night's loss by Texas, the only remaining undefeated team in the nation is Kentucky.  Who knows how many of their wins this season will be vacated by the NCAA though.
Scottie Watch: With 27 points against Georgetown, Scottie Reynolds brought his career scoring total to 1,948. That makes him 52 points from 2,000 in his career, 296 points from passing Kerry Kittles' Villanova career men's mark of 2,243 and 461 points away from passing Shelly Pennefather's overall school record of 2,408. Scottie is currently ninth all time in school history in scoring and needs only 19 points (his season average) to pass Randy Foye who is currently eighth with 1,966 career points.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Villanova Downs Georgetown

Thank You for giving me the day off Dr. King
Led by another awesome effort by Scottie Reynolds, Villanova defeated Georgetown on Sunday by a score of 82-77.  Despite surrendering a large halftime lead, The 'Cats were able to hang on against The HoyasReynolds led the way for Villanova with 27 points while sophomore sensation (and likely lottery pick) Greg Monroe had a game high 29 points and 16 rebounds for Georgetown.  The win marked the first time since 2007 that VU was able to beat Georgetown (they were 0-5 since that game.)  While it is discouraging that Villanova has been trying it's hardest to lose games they seem to have in hand, it also shows that they can still improve on their play so far.  With this win, Villanova remains one of only two teams in the Big East with an undefeated record in conference play (Pitt is the other.)

It Makes Me Happy When- Villanova is able to win despite not playing their best basketball.  It also makes me happy that Scottie knows that he is the go to guy on this team.
It Makes Me Sad When- We continue to squander big leads.  I wish this team wasn't so heart attack inducing.  It would be nice to see a game where they come out, get a big lead and never relinquish it.  It is good though that this team has the composure to win games where they let the other team back in it.
Ranking Update- Villanova retained it's position at #4 in the rankings after there was no losses involving the three teams ahead of them this week.  Jeff Sagarin has us at #6 in his computer rankingsSagrarin also has our schedule ranked as the 32nd toughest in the nation.  I do question why Dook is so high in the computer rankings as I haven't seen too much from them that demonstrates why they're so good.
Scottie Watch- With 27 points against Georgetown, Scottie Reynolds brought his career scoring total to 1,948.  That makes him 52 points from 2,000 in his career, 296 points from passing Kerry Kittles' Villanova career men's mark of 2,243 and 461 points away from passing Shelly Pennefather's overall school record of 2,408.  Scottie is currently ninth all time in school history in scoring and needs only 19 points (his season average) to pass Randy Foye's 1966 for eighth.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Villanova-Georgetown Preview

Probably the scariest black man ever
Tomorrow, Villanova will take on Georgetown in their first game of the season at the Wachovia Center.  Villanova enters the game ranked number four in the nation and an undefeated record so far in Big East play.  Of course whenever The Hoyas come rolling into town it brings up inevitable talk of 1985.  I will not be lazy enough to discuss the greatest championship in the history of college basketball though.  What I will say is that this is arguably the most elite matchup between these two teams since Kerry Kittles and Villanova lost to Allen Iverson and Georgetown in the semifinals of the 1996 Big East Tournament.  This game doesn't have the starpower that game had but it certainly has a lot to like.
Here's My Breakdown:
Villanova Wins If: They are able to limit Greg MonroeThe 'Cats struggled against Samardo Samuels earlier in the week and you have to believe that JTIII has made note of that.  Fortunately, Villanova was able to cut off the post against Louisville who weren't making any outside shots.  Against Georgetown, they must find a way to limit Monroe without totally selling out to defend the post.
Villanova Loses If: They make stupid mistakes and let Greg Monroe score and rebound at will.
Scottie Is: 79 Points from 2,000 323 points
1,921 points for his career

79 points from 2,000

323 to pass Kerry Kittles' all-time men's scoring record of 2,243

488 to take over Shelly Pennefather’s points record (men or women) of 2,408
Next milestone will is 45 points away, which is Randy Foye’s spot on the Villanova Men’s basketball scoring chart at 1,966 points

Matt Szczur Returning For Senior Season

Ok, It's a Saturday morning, the sun is not yet up and my little brother goes back to school tomorrow (fist pump.)  It's a well known fact that Matt Szczur is pretty good at baseball and there was some conjecture as to whether or not he was going to go pro in baseball.  Well, he put that to rest and announced that he will return to Villanova for his senior season at the Football Banquet last night.  Andy Talley probably lit a victory cigar when he found out. 

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wardrobe: Jay Wright vs. Rick Pitino, It's Not Even Close

This is The look of A man who has command of his wardrobe
Before Sunday's Louisville game, someone asked whether Jay Wright or Rick Pitino was a spiffier dresser.  To me, there is no debate at all.  They both wear expensive suits, but not only does Jay look better in his suits, but they always look immaculate before during and after the game.  Jay can pull off colors that other men can only dream about, especially brown.  I have only seen a handful of men in my entire life who have been able to pull off a brown suit, and of those men Jay Wright is the only one who is white.  Pitino looks increasingly more gaunt as they years go up (not surprising considering his lifestyle choices.)  On the other hand, Jay seems to be getting better with age, perhaps this speaks as well  to his tailor as it does to him, but the man still has great taste.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Cat's Finish off Cardinals

Well, that was an interesting game: 66 fouls and 43 turnovers between the two teams and too many High Lifes drank by the Blueman (unfortunately no PBRs tonight), but 'Nova was able to pull it out in the end. After a terrible first half and a close second, the 'Cats were finally able to finish off the Cardinals, unlike Sarah, what a pussy:

Scottie had an outstanding game, and finished with 36 points. I'm going to do Fact's job for him on this one and give you the ScottieWatch:

1,921 points for his career

79 points for 2,000

323 to pass Kerry Kittles' all-time men's scoring record of 2,243

488 to take over Shelly Pennefather’s points record (men or women) of 2,408

Next milestone will is 45 points away, which is Randy Foye’s spot on the Villanova Men’s basketball scoring chart at 1,966 points

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Villanova-Louisville to Be a "White Out," KKK Declines Invitation

Traditional Kentucky "White Out" Attire
Villanova will travel to the Bluegrass State on Monday to take on Rick Pitino's Louisville Cardinals.  To say 2009 was shitty for Pitino would be an understatement.  Louisville failed to meet lofty expectations in the NCAA Tournamentthere was an extortion attempt against him that unraveled a web of infidelity which only added to the fact that he now has to compete against another greaseball coach of questionable ethics for supremacy in his own state, a state that he has ruled since returning to Kentucky to coach The Cardinals in 2001. This season has been a crappy one so far for Louisville as they have three losses to teams from mid major conferences. Even though I think Villanova is the better team, I don't expect The 'Cats to walk all over The Cards because Pitino should be busting out his secret weapon, The White Suit.

Contemporary Kentucky "White Out" Attire
The suit is yet another excuse for Dick Vitale to suck Pitino's cock (as if he needs an excuse to do it) even though it looks absolutely ridiculous.  Does this guy think he's Jay Wright?  I personally think that Pitino is more suited for a leisure suit

What I Want From This Game: A convincing Villanova Win
What I Expect From This Game: A Close Game In Which Louisville gets far too many open looks from outside.
Offensive Keys To The Game: Villanova must find a way to break Louisville's press.  Villanova is well equipped to handle the press as they are athletic, deep and have big men who can handle the ball which should lead to transition opportunities if they are able to consistently break the pressure.  While breaking the press is key, The 'Cats must also make better use of the shot clock than they have recently.  Firing shots with 25 seconds left on the shot clock is counterproductive when you have a big lead and it almost cost us against Marquette on Saturday.
Defensive Key to The Game: This one is simple, defend the three pointer.  I hate seeing three pointers rain down on The 'Cats but it keeps happening.  If Villanova figures out a way to defend the three with better success, then they will live up to their potential.  Until they figure out a way to defend the trey, we should be in for more close finishes, even against inferior opponents.
Scottie Watch: With 1,885 points for his career, Scottie Reynolds needs 115 points for 2,000, 359 to pass Kerry Kittles' all-time men's scoring record of 2,243 and 524 to eclipse Shelly Pennefather's points record (men or women) of 2,408 (highly unlikely.)  Entering the Louisville Game, Scottie is ninth all time on Villanova's Men's Basketball scoring chart the next person in his path is Randy Foye who scored 1966 points during his career on the Main Line.

Friday, January 8, 2010

We Don't Just Lay Beatdowns on Teams, We Maim Their Coaches

 His Knee and Ego are hurting now
Perennial Lame-Duck DePaul coach Jerry Wainwright left The Pavillion with a torn up knee.  I don't think it gets much more awesome than that. So if you don't watch yourself Buzz Williams, you may end up with a torn labia.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Villanova Beats Marquette

Led by 23 by Scottie Reynolds, Villanova clung to a 74-72 victory over Marquette.  While it is always nice to win a Big East game, this game threw up some warning flags given the poor free throw shooting by The 'Cats and a poor effort on the glass.  Please come back soon Mouph.

It makes me happy when: Villanova plays poorly but still gets a W on the road.

It makes me sad when: Ohio State wins the Rose Bowl and when Villanova misses free throws.

I Fucking Hate: Tim Tebow.. Whenever that asshole talks it sounds like he's reading from cue cards.  There is literally a cadence to his speech and it makes me angry.

Scottie Is: 394 points from Kerry Kittles' record.

Friday, January 1, 2010

"My Favorite animal is dogs"- Antonio Pena

Can You Look any more ridiculous than that?

Here's the second Installment of our look back into webpages made by Villanova basketball players, both current and former.  Today's installation is Antonio Pena.  While his page isn't as outright ridiculous as Shane Clark's, the fact that his picture makes him look like a rittard is quite hilarious. 

Mouph Cleared to Practice

Villanova Freshman Center Mouphtaou Yarou has finally been cleared to practice and will dress tomorrow against Marquette after sitting out ten games with hepatitis b.  It is unlikely at this point that he will play unless it's an emergency situation.  It's just unfortunate that he can't have a couple of cupcakes to shake the rust off before being thrown to the dogs in the Big East schedule.  If I know Jay like I think I do, Mouph won't be thrust into the lineup immediately, but will be worked onto the floor gradually.  I had heard that he thought he could be coming back in the near future, but I was sworn to secrecy so I'm glad my source was right.   

No word yet on when he'll be cleared to have unprotected sex with multiple sluts partners.