Monday, January 11, 2010

Cat's Finish off Cardinals

Well, that was an interesting game: 66 fouls and 43 turnovers between the two teams and too many High Lifes drank by the Blueman (unfortunately no PBRs tonight), but 'Nova was able to pull it out in the end. After a terrible first half and a close second, the 'Cats were finally able to finish off the Cardinals, unlike Sarah, what a pussy:

Scottie had an outstanding game, and finished with 36 points. I'm going to do Fact's job for him on this one and give you the ScottieWatch:

1,921 points for his career

79 points for 2,000

323 to pass Kerry Kittles' all-time men's scoring record of 2,243

488 to take over Shelly Pennefather’s points record (men or women) of 2,408

Next milestone will is 45 points away, which is Randy Foye’s spot on the Villanova Men’s basketball scoring chart at 1,966 points

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